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2 Oct

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Olivia is back with another JFC Mobile episode.   Today we let our pizza junkie loose in the grocery store to find out who makes the best microwave pizza.  Which pie will win the heart of our lovely pizza-princess?  Check it out below!!


25 Sep

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Friday brings us another episode of our mobile series hosted by the ever-cool Olivia.   Today Olivia samples some of the breadstick sammiches from Olive Garden.   Chicken Parm and Meatball.  Which will be her favorite?

Then it’s a quick jaunt to the local Sprouts to load up on the most amazing gummie bears ever developed for mankind.    Join her on her adventure, won’t you?  Click the pic or check it out below

JFC Mobile Series: Episode Four

11 Sep

wordpress JFC featured image logoFriday is here again and it’s time to catch up with Olivia as she takes to the streets in search of great food finds and usually ends up in some kind of wacky adventure.

Today she tries the new Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich from Mickey D’s and then it’s on….QT vs. The Sev…which gas station has the better pizza???


4 Sep

wordpress JFC featured image logoToday we find Olivia putting herself into the decades-old battle between Easy Cheese and Cheez Whiz and then she manages to find time to contemplate a suicide.   Check it out here:

JFC Mobile Series: Episode Two

28 Aug

wordpress JFC featured image logoOlivia takes you inside the local H-mart to find her beloved Japanese Kit Kats and then she walks every single inch of IKEA in search of their infamous meatballs.

Check back every Friday and see what wacky antics Olivia is up to!

Check it out here

JFC Mobile Series – Episode One

21 Aug

The adventure begins here!!!   We are pleased to present to you episode one of our new “mobile” Junk Food Critic show hosted by Olivia.   The mobile show is a condensed (usually around 2 minute) JFC feature, skit, or review.  Episodes are designed to provide you with some bite-sized bits of randomness when you need a little break.

For her first assignment we challenged Olivia to find something to eat from any fast food restaurant for a dollar (including tax).

Not one to play around, Olivia picked out three taco joints and the challenge was on!  Taco(s) Cabana and Bueno weren’t of much help but Taco Bell was a virtual buffet of items you could mix-n-mash into your own creation and still stay under that dollar budget.

Check back next Friday for Olivia’s next adventure!!

Thanks for watching!