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2 Oct

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Olivia is back with another JFC Mobile episode.   Today we let our pizza junkie loose in the grocery store to find out who makes the best microwave pizza.  Which pie will win the heart of our lovely pizza-princess?  Check it out below!!

JFC Kitchen: Chocolate Zinger Dessert

24 Dec

I heard one of the final shipments of Hostess (and related) products were hitting stores for the final time.   I have since that news been looking for Zingers – as they were MY favorite snack cake of choice.   News reports are also stating that Hostess is VERY close to a deal with some company to take over most of the Hostess empire.  So it might not be that long before _______”s Twinkies are available to all you lovers out there.

But they haven’t mentioned Zingers or the other Dolly Madison products in these stories.   I mean they are more than likely included – but what if they aren’t?   Have I had my last Zinger?   I shutter to even consider that idea.

Fate intervenes and I stumbled across some single packaged chocolate Zingers at a truck stop and was giggling all the way to the register.   To be honest – these aren’t my favorite – I am all about the raspberry-coconut ones – but hey….I can’t find those…. and well….the chocolate ones are good too.

So once back to the JFC kitchen- and with raspberry still on my mind – I decide to improvise and “doctor” these up.  What you see is the chocolate Zinger drizzled with a raspberry sauce I made….and a special side ingredient.   That slightly gross-lighter-colored-brown to the right side is chocolate whipped cream.

Oh it’s no – ORDINARY chocolate whipped cream.  It’s ALCOHOL-INFUSED-Chocolate-Whipped-Cream.   More on that later this week so stay tuned.

So the Zinger-choco-whip-and-raspberry was decadent.   It was better than desserts I have had in nice restaurants.   Hell, I think I even got a buzz.

Now if I could only find some Raspberry Zingers……

It’s a PIZZA TOAST!!!!!!!!!

13 Nov

I could wax poetic about the Duvel Bread I created a few days ago. Again.  It really was brilliant and bursting with flavor.  I said it before:  The best bread I ever made.

BUT- with one slice left I managed to top myself.

BEHOLD-  DUVEL PIZZA TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking the last slice, I slathered on some garlic butter.  On top of that I layered two slices of provolone cheese.   On top of that was pepperoni, followed by a layer of marinara sauce, and some dried herbs.

In the oven it went and out came a crunchy-crusty-pizza pal that I am impressed by.  I am also mad that I didn’t do this with the entire loaf.

At first bite, it has the crunch of those french bread pizzas but way better than the frozen ones.   The yeast flavor and the Duvel kick up the taste.  The marinara is slightly spicy and so is the pepperoni.   The unexpected kicker was the garlic butter.   It’s the last thing you taste in each bite and it’s a nice balance to the marinara.

I just might make a batch of these for a football watching party or something.   Who needs pizza by the slice when you can have this monster?!?!  This would be a killer item on a bar menu.

DUVEL Beer Bread

5 Nov

The Belgians know how to make some incredible beer.   I was like most other Americans – ignorant to the greatness of beer from other countries.   Coors, Miller, Bud, and whatever else was all the same to me.   I would drink it, but I never much cared for it.   Just order a pitcher of whatever.

Thankfully. someone turned me on to other beers and helped develop my true taste for it.   Where I landed was deep in the heart of the devil.

DUVEL – is Flemish (based on the Dutch) word for DEVIL.   The name was given because the pale ale has quite a kick with its high alcohol content.

I have shared many of these with friends and 90 percent are instant converts even though they can’t pronounce it.  The CORRECT pronunciation is DOOV-ULL (Flemish).   The French call it DOO-VELLE, so in some circles you might hear it called that.  It is NOT called DOOV-ALL, like the cranky bartender at the pub labels it near me.

(wow- am I sounding like a beer snob or what?)

In any case, Belgian beer just tastes fantastic – Chimay, Stella, Smithwick’s (wait that last one is Irish-and good) and a few others come to mind, but I always come back to my beloved Duvel.

What you see in the picture is the blend of one love (the Duvel) coming alive in the form of a rustic beer-bread that is simply fantastic.  I am always trying new recipes and this was just a simple no-knead bread recipe I found online.   I substituted the water with the Duvel (a hard sacrifice I figured at first) and in a couple of hours that crusty miracle emerged.

I have made several homemade bread loaves and this was the absolute best bread I have ever tasted/made.   The richness and flavors of the beer turned a simple dough into an unforgettable loaf of genius.

It didn’t last more than a few days because I devoured every crumb of that devil-bread with great pride.

If you have a favorite beer, I highly encourage you to try making a beer bread of your own.   You just might not ever want regular bread again.

JFC Kitchen: Pepperoni Diavalo Chicken

5 Oct

I mentioned before that I make my own Italian food during my Olive Garden vs. Spaghetti Warehouse article.   I had a few requests for for info on this.   So here ya go:

I call this my Pepperoni Diavalo Chicken.   It’s store bought pasta, with homemade diavalo (spicy red sauce) covering a grilled chicken breast.   That is then topped with provolone cheese, fresh basil, and pepperoni.    That is also homemade garlic bread.

It’s strong in terms of heat and flavors.  I like it spicy and boy it delivers.  My nose runs just thinking about how spicy this was.   But wow was it good.


23 May

I enjoy cooking, and I really love to try and recreate – or improve on – something I have had at a restaurant and make it my own.

So today – a bit of a departure–as I pull back the curtain a bit and let you inside the JFC kitchen and see what I am up to…when I am not sitting at the drive-thru.

I love toasted ravioli. I have had it at several Italian restaurants, and I make it quite often.

Everyone I have made it for loves it. Most of them can’t believe I can even cook. wow. thanks.

Now what you see pictured is my “cheat” recipe. I tend to make all my stuff from scratch but in a pinch these things ROCK and take less time.

What you see is store bought ravioli. I then make a blend of herbs,bread crumbs and cheese.

I dredge the the raviolis in egg white, then into the dry mix and then I place them on a rack.

I oven bake them until they turn golden brown and tend to “puff up”.

Yes, I know I could fry these, and they are really good fried – but I tend to use ALOT of seasoning in my cooking, and frying kills some of that taste in these. so I bake them.

But that is just my preference.

While they are cooking, I usually make my own marinara. Tomatoes, herbs, garlic, olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper. All to my tastes.

Roughly around 20 mins these babies are done and as stated earlier, they are always a hit when I make them. They are crispy, crunchy, and the filling is hot and tender.

I hope you have enjoyed cooking with me!