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JFC on the NY POST

16 Jul

 I am so late in posting this.   Joe Anuta contacted me Monday looking to talk Twinkie with the ol’ JFC kid here.    We had a nice chat and he ended up quoting me for his piece.   You can read his cool article by clicking the NYP pic or here.

I am always happy to talk junk food with anyone, but this being for “The Post” is kinda special to me-  as I spent many a day in Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manny-Hatty ….and many of those days were me having a slice and reading The Post.   I mean, who doesn’t love The Post??    Props to Mr. Anuta for asking me and for doing a nice piece for the NYP.

JFC on MarketWatch !!!

31 May

As we go into the weekend, I want to leave you with a little something special.   I am always thankful and swollen with pride when I get the opportunity to talk junk food with people like Adrienne Mitchell and the top-drawer organization that is MarketWatch.   This time we chat about the hot story of the summer-  Burger King’s Rib sammich and it’s impact on the golden arches.  Click the MarketWatch logo to hear the full segment!

Marshmellows, Monsters, and Marketwatch

11 Oct

  I am always more than happy to run my mouth about all things junk food.   When I got the call to be on MARKETWATCH- I was honored and JUMPED at the chance.      With Halloween just around the block, Adrienne Mitchell and I talk MONSTER CEREALS.    You can hear the full interview here:

This was a blast!   Thanks so much to Adrienne and Marketwatch for the opportunity!