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20 Aug

Wing Street Hot BBQ

So I find myself back at WingStreet and this time I am going with the SPICY BBQ.

As I have said before, I like the size and taste of the chicken chunks (bone-out) that they serve at WingStreet but I have yet to find a sauce I am really crazy about.  I figure if they were to overhaul their sauce selection they could really be a top contender in the wing game.

This SPICY BBQ is probably the best sauce I have had so far.  It’s a rich and thick sauce that is just slightly sweet with some heat on the back-end.   It wasn’t until the last bite that I noticed that heat had snuck up on me.   Overall a good taste and lots of flavor but still not quite the ‘WOw” factor I am looking for.  Again I say, the best I have had yet.

BUT now that I found this sauce I at least have a fallback sauce while I continue searching for their best.


13 Apr

UntitledSo you KNOW I love me some Hot Wings.   If ya didn’t know, now you know.  Dig it?

The other day I am at KFC and I remember they serve hot wings.   It has been a LONG time since I have had them.   I believe the last time was when they were the Honey BBQ wings and I loved them because they were so rich and sticky-sweet and bbq-y…just a big ol’ mess of goodness.

I didn’t see the Honey BBQ anymore on the menu (of course) so I ordered your basic wings.   What you see is what I got.    At first I figured they messed up the order – those look like big boneless wings.    But no, it is indeed, their hot wings.

Under all that crunch and breadding is some heat but not much actual chicken.   I was sort of wishing I had just ordered some regular sized pieces of chicken and used some hot sauce.    They were decent but not very satisfying.  I was sort of surprised by this actually.