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24 Oct

Okay let’s just call these what they are….BOMB POPS!!!!

Maybe it’s a legal name or something…but ..sigh….Popsicle brand calls these “The Original Firecracker”…..sigh…again.

Whatever.    All I know is whenever I see these in the frozen-treat aisle,  I shout-out “BOOOMMMMMMMBBBBB POOOOOPPPP!!!!” in my head.

Sometimes out loud.   Mostly never in my head.   Mostly out loud in the store.


Anyway these are classic and hit the spot when you got that sweet-tooth.    These are on the smaller size…single serving..and they are perfect.   Trust me, you have totally forgotten how big a damn real Bomb Pop is and would never finish one in a single-sitting.

So these are exactly the droids you are looking for.



15 Sep

Okay Blue Bell, you gotta give it up.  Tell me just how in the bloody-blue-hell can you keep coming up with these flavors that knock my socks off?

I am in LOVE with this new ‘Bell….Old Fashioned Malt Shoppe.  It is absolutely simple.  Simple and perfect.

It is chocolate-malt ice cream with chocolate-covered-milk-balls (think whoppers but smaller) in it.

What makes this so amazing is that the ice-cream duplicates the actual flavor of the soda-fountain type malted – to the letter.

Whenever you get a chocolate malt at a fountain, unless you specify, you usually get one ladle of chocolate syrup.   So your malt tastes like chocolate and has that tan-tint to it…but it’s not overly chocolate.

Dairy Queen makes one of the best and most consistent chocolate malts I have ever had…and this ice cream tastes so much like it, I might not ever need to go to DQ again.

It’s incredible straight out the container – but I can imagine this with a little milk and a VitaMix making a soda-fountain-style treat in my own home anytime the notion strikes me.    I would have made one for this review but I ate the entire pint while catching up on my cartoons earlier.

Dear Jesus, please do not let this be one of those temporary flavors that disappears forever like the Groom’s Cake they did years past.


2 Sep

For me it’s always been about the Slush Puppie.

I know they make ICEE and SLURPEE  and Sonic has their SLUSH …and I enjoy them all…but the others just don’t have that fun factor for me like the SLUSH PUPPIE.

Unfortunately you can’t never…and I mean EVER find an original Slush Puppie in any local store around these parts.   It’s frustrating.

Even MORE frustrating is that SLUSH PUPPIE has licensed the name to all these freezer treats so I get reminded I can’t have the original with a product that tastes like I can’t have the original.

ENTER Slush Puppie Pouches.    These are like a Capri Sun package and you throw them into the freezer.  In a few hours….PRESTO!!!  you get a slush that you can squeeze out the twist of top or just tear open the bag and pour it out into a cup.

I chose the latter and here is how things looked.  It was very hard and was like more of a frozen sno-cone than slush.    The flavor was good and you get quite a bit from the pouch.

I found these at Albertson’s by the way.   They have this great “Dollar Aisle” where I fine all sorts of unique and interesting things to try.   That dollar aisle is also just about the only location around here that carries any type of SHASTA soda on the reg.     And who doesn’t love SHASTA?

But I digress….


Being slightly unhappy with the texture I decided to improvise.   I splashed some ice water in there.   Not to change the temperature – but to change the consistency.

As you can see here, it worked and I got more of an overall slush effect.   I was finally satisfied and my tongue has been electric blue ever since.

Still not quite the same as the Slush Puppie I grew up with – but it will do in a pinch.




3 Mar

Ah, the original.  To me at least – this was my first brush with at home sno-cones.  My best friend’s sister had one and we constantly stole it to make sno-cones.

It was fun but it was an absolute mess.   Time after time I thought if I added more ice or cranked it faster – I would get fresh-powder-type-snow.    No joy.   Just a constant mess.

So seeing the box that it’s “new improved” I can only hope they got a better shaver mechanism on it.

Performance aside, it’s still the absolute best ice breaker (no pun intended) to have sitting on my bar.  Everyone wants to see it, or play with it, or shave ice into their cocktails from it.


5 Feb

Okay so 25 bucks seems a little steep but when I saw it at Toys R Us I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much I enjoy snow-shaved-ice in my drinks.   It chills anything instantly and makes Dr Pepper taste even better than normal….which is already insanely good to begin with.

The idea here is simple – toss in the ice and crank out the shaved ice below into the cup and put the flavoring on it—boom —  sno-cones anytime you want.    Kids me love this alot.  I say sno-cone because it never quite gets to that   ICEE/SLURPEES consistency – but even as just a sno-cone it’s awesome.

The one I own I found at Target and it was a generic electric ice-shaver.   It was probably 20 bucks…so maybe you are paying for the branding here.  BUT…mine is electric and does all the work.   The ICEE machine has a crank on top so there is some manual labor for ya.    Either way you go, it’s a nice addition to the kitchen to make sno-cones, frozen adult drinks, or just chillin’ out your favorite soda.

Ben & Jerry’s – Scotchy Scotch Scotch

6 Nov

Okay people, so I had Scotch for breakfast.  SO?

Actually I woke up at the crack of 2:43 pm, and realized I needed to run errands.   I was near the Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Plano so I dropped in to see if they had the flavor I had been hearing about.

I, having already slept through breakfast and lunch by this time….was famished.  I grabbed the carton and ripped into it.   I am not even a butterscotch fan but this was delectable !

I believe it was in fact, the Hindus, that predicted I would have ice cream for breakfast on this day.   They believed the sun would reach my face and whisper that I was a WINNER!   That this would be, truly, a Winner’s day.   Scholars would later translate it from the King Edwards version to the current vernacular…. WEDNESDAY.  And there you have it, kids.

BEN & JERRY’s : Peanut Butter Jam Session

4 Oct

The boys are back with another flavor- Peanut Butter Jam Session.

It’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a crunchy peanut butter swirl and another swirl of raspberry.

Yep, it’s a PB&J ice cream.    And it’s pretty good!   It’s not their best flavor – but any peanut butter lover will have to try it.     Had they not released Peanut Butter World around the same time- I would probably have raved more about this treat.

But that PBW….ain’t no joke.  It’s the best ice cream I have had all year – so “Jam Session” will just have to take a back seat.


2 Aug

Oh, Ben.  Jerry.

How you mock and tempt me.

You know how I am longing for the day that you return my beloved CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH ice cream to me.

But no…you give me close to my desire.  You give me CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP.

It’s so close.  It’s so good.   It’s that classic chocolate flavor with peanut butter and peanut butter cups mixed in.

It’s incredible.   It’s worth every penny.   It’s…. a limited edition….sigh…’s like Charlie Brown and the football.


24 Jul

Oh, Ben and Jerry…you do so know how to tempt me.  My imagination and yours seem to be running on similar frequencies.

It’s summertime and State Fairs and local carnivals are popping up or just around the corner and who doesn’t love cotton candy?

Ben and Jerry have released a limited edition (natch) Cotton Candy ice cream that I found at Walmart.

Like most things B/J — it’s quite addictive and delicious.   Each candy sprinkle has a little crunch to it and reminds you of that cotton candy you get at the circus, carnival, etc…

I  thought this sounded kinda plain and simple but it turned out to be very good.  So reluctantly I have to encourage you to battle the forces of Walmart in order to get this tasty treat.


22 Jul

Potato chips cut and made into the shape of french fries is nothing new.   Hello….. Andy Capp’s Hot Fries?!?!?!?  Anyone???   Anyone???

Well companies think you don’t know or don’t care that those and regular shoe string potatoes still exist because several people are aiming for that “fry as a chip” market that isn’t even a market.    Guess they figure Capp’s has had a stranglehold on them for far too long.

So RUFFLES has dropped CRISPY FRIES.    Made with REAL POTATOES!!!!

As opposed to…..?????  Fake or cleverly disguised things masquerading as potatoes?

oh boy….anyway I was immediately taken down a notch in expectations when I saw this bag at the local SEVE.

(and by SEVE I mean the 7-11….again…I call it the SEVE….lord if you haven’t picked up on this yet….I give up)

The bag is quite small.  AND the small bag is a 1.09.  For that I could get a big bag of regular chips.  But I digress.

UntitledShaking some of these out to try… I notice they are not at all like the ones Whataburger released a few weeks ago.   And that’s a good thing.  The Ruffles Crispy Fries actually LOOK like fries – compared to the Whatafries by Whataburger.   I mean if both of those were in bowls in a taste test….I would expect everyone to ignore the rather sickly ones on the right in favor of those on the left.

The Ruffles actually taste better too.   I can only imagine that what Ruffles has accomplished is EXACTLY what all these other “fry guys” are trying to do.   Create something visually distinctive and that tastes like fries.

Don’t get me wrong here, I enjoyed the Whatafries quite a bit but when you compare them it’s just obvious Ruffles has the edge here.   They are crispier and have a better seasoning in addition to the appearance victory.

Cool and fun product from Ruffles but they needed to be in a slightly bigger bag with more for that price.    Hard to find here in the DFW so keep an eye out for them!