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Fallen Mighty Wings

5 Mar

I loved the idea of Mickey D’s doing wings.  They weren’t fantastic but they were decent – and the availability of them made them even more attractive.

They did not sell well.   Due in part to the price.   So  McDonald’s pulled them and tried to sell them off to other countries that might want them for their business.  Or so I heard.

Evidently that didn’t work out because not only are they back- but they are at a serious discount.  You can get 5 for 3 bucks –  10 wings for 5 bucks —which is not too bad a deal.  So if you liked them at full-price…maybe you will love’em on discount




13 Feb

I was pretty open minded with the frequent pop-ups of DEL TACOs I had seen in the DFW over that past couple of years.   I thought for a taco-place…their burgers were pretty damn good.   Unfortunately lately what I see is what you now see in the pic.  CLOSED.  At least around my stompin’ grounds.

I figured they had their work cut-out for them– with Tacos Cabana, Bell, and Bueno already fighting for your dollar.

One in Irving is just empty – the one off I-30 is now a Krispy Kreme.

What say you– any Dels still open around your part of the DFdub?

Carino’s Way ?

1 Jan

First let me say, before this article gets going… I like Carino’s food.   I have written about them three times.  Here.  Here. and Here.   What you will notice is I am always liking the food.  It’s the service that usually reminds me to NEVER go back.

This time?  It’s the MANAGER.  Let me back up and hit ya with the full scoop.

I am at the Grand Prairie location with some friends doing some Holiday shopping.   I haven’t been to Carino’s since my last review – and it sounded good.  And it was close.  So it was all my idea.

The waiter was spot-on.  Nice.  Attentive.  Friendly.   Unfortunately I threw him a curve-ball when I saw a new menu item.   They have this dish called SAN MARZANO CHICKEN RAVIOLI.  The menu describes it as :   Smoked chicken stuffed pasta in our homemade tomato sauce with sliced chicken and fresh basil.  

This sounded excellent.  Smoked chicken?  San Marzano sauce?   YUM!  And look at what I got.   It looked fantastic.

Even though it was 15 dollars for 6 ravioli and six slices of chicken…it looked great.

Even though the menu says it comes with fresh basil…and you see no basil there….nor did I get any….it still looked great.

Even though the plate (upper right) has char-dust or dirt or some kind of black material around the edge of the plate-making-me-think-it’s-a-dirty-plate….it still looked great.

And it was great.  The chicken on top was warm and tender.  The shredded cheese and tomato sauce and ravioli were all coming together.  It was the third ravioli where I ran into trouble.  I bite into something hard.  Like tooth-rattling hard.   I spit out the food and start pulling it apart with my knife and fork.   I am signalling for my waiter.

There are dark-green chunks in this ravioli that my knife and fork can’t even cut.   It looks like artichoke stems or something.

“Can you tell me what is in this food?  Like what is inside the ravioli?”


It’s obviously more than just chicken so I ask for the manager.   The manager  (he never identifies himself and after asking two servers and one hostess for his full name…so I could contact Carino’s corporate office and inform them on how RUDE this guy ended up being)…..  I gave up on the name.

“Manager” comes over to the table and looks at it and is surprised.  “Hmmm… I have never seen that before.”  He says.

“Can someone tell me what exactly I am eating?  The menu states :    Smoked chicken stuffed pasta in our homemade tomato sauce with sliced chicken and fresh basil.”

“Manager” tells me he will be right back.   He returns with a prop and continues to tell me how WEIRD it is and how he has never seen that before.   His prop?  An uncooked ravioli that he cut in half to show me what is inside.

“We don’t make our own ravioli in-house – but I checked the ingredient list and it says it should be celery, cheese, and chicken.”

If it is celery, it’s clearly the root of the stalk, which would probably explain this.   What it doesn’t explain is why is it so bloody-hard that it almost chips a tooth?  Also….why is it NOT listed as an ingredient?   “Manager” saying the word “cheese” reminds me even THAT is not listed on the menu.    WHAT THE HELL AM I EATING?   Why is this not listed?

“Can I get you something else, like some spaghetti and meatballs?”  “Manager” asks.    “No, I think I am just …..”

“Hold on…let me check something and I will be right back and take care of this.”

So he just walks off.  Everyone else finished their food.  “Manager” is nowhere to be found.   I ask my server to find “Manager” and my server returns with a message:   “He (manager) told me to tell you that he is in the kitchen, cooking and can’t come out right now.”

This has just hit ridiculous.   “Well, he said he would be right back.   We were in the middle of a conversation.  Could you go get him?.”

Server disappears.  He returns several minutes later and says “He (manager) just took it off your bill.”     I wasn’t looking for a discount, I was looking for answers as to why they serve things that aren’t listed properly on the menu.   Also…why doesn’t anyone in that building know what is in the dishes?  Why couldn’t I get answers?

For “Manager” to just disappear without so-much as an apology during this whole fiasco is the exact reason why I find it impossible to fall in love with this place ….despite the fact I want to fall in love with the place!!!!!!

So many good things about it that I enjoy are often spoiled by a few members of the staff (my server-this-time aside) that are often-times aloof or bored….or busy standing at the computer system sneaking a txt or two… or have little to NO knowledge about their own restaurant menu…wait it’s not so much that they don’t know.  That’s one thing.  Some have this “don’t know…don’t care” attitude that really shines through.  They are just turnin-n-burnin’ tables it seems whenever I visit.

Soda Pop High

19 Dec

I am sorta surprised by how many places are jacking-up the prices of their sodas.  Especially when places like McDonald’s and every gas station are offering .99 cent drinks.

Restaurants are averaging 2-2.50 a pop per pop…but now drive-thru joints are creeping up to that as well.   How high is too high?  When will you stop buying a soda at your local burger joint?

Take Sonic for instance.  That 2.15 I spent could have got me a small burger and small fries….. or small tots and a corn dog….or….my point is it seems crazy to pay 2.15 from a drive-thru soda that equals in price to an entire meal.   And after this one….I won’t anymore.

Ziosk is here

12 Dec

Okay, this is cool, and potentially annoying at the same time.  ZIOSK is a portable and wireless hub that are being tested at Chili’s restaurants.

IT”S COOL- because you can order food and drinks directly instead of wondering where your server wandered off to.  You can even tab-out, swipe your card, and pay the bill in a flash.  It even prints out the receipt right there.  That is super-convenient and a feature I did and would use…and is needed in EVERY restaurant.

It also has a free USA TODAY APP that you can use to read the news while you wait on your food.  This is super-cool and a great conversation starter.

IT’s POSSIBLY ANNOYING –  It has several games and apps you can play on the machine for $1.99.   I suppose if you have kids to entertain or something, but that seems kinda weak to charge a fee to play.  Maybe if the game allowed me to win a discount on my order or points towards something…maybe.  Guess they have to off-set the costs somehow.  Another thing that is kinda odd- is that it has a camera in it.   The Ziosk website says it’s so you can “like, or check-in on Facebook/twitter or take pictures at the table and upload them”.   Isn’t that what we all have smart-phones for?  Not sure I want to load all my photos and personal info into a random machine at a restaurant.

Paragraph above aside – the coolness outweighs the annoying by a MILE.

Cold Snap 2013

9 Dec

So a winter storm hit last Friday and just about paralyzed the entire Metroplex.

I hit the store to stock-up on supplies and prepare to stay in for the weekend and the stores were WRECKED.   Funny thing is I was 100% correct in guessing what would be wiped out first.   Beer, Hot Chocolate, Bottled Water, and Frozen Pizzas.  People knocking over each other for cold cuts… leaving the fruit and vegetable section in pristine condition.

It’s 27 degrees and oddly enough, I am craving ice cream.

All It Takes is ONCE

23 Jul

I love to support local business……BUT DAMN it’s getting harder sometimes because some local businesses take short cuts and short change customers and expect them to return.

I mean more often than not local businesses charge more than the chains.  They usually have to so they can stay in business.   So I understand that and don’t mind paying extra if it’s going to keep quality and service at a level I expect.  Try and just short change me and you will burn this bridge permanently.

Personality is also a plus.   If I visit your location and you are quirky and somewhat rude, I might find it funny and keep coming back despite your sour personality.    OR I might take it as you are a full-on-asshole and never come back despite it being the best dish I ever had in my life.

Case in point:   Look at those slices.   I am charged 2 bucks and change per slice and you give me old-ass-slices-that-have-been-sitting-there-how-long????   So to “freshen” it up you thrown on some fresh cheese before you warm it up as what…. a bonus for me?    While I am waiting I see you barking at two other customers with more than a hint of disrespect.    Why?

When I got down the street and took a look at these slices I felt ripped off.    I mean the damn cheese isn’t even melted!  Way to stick it to your customers.

There are WAY too many places to get food in this town for this to happen.   I don’t fault the guy for trying to make a living – so I will not reveal where this is from – but it only takes ONE shitty experience for me to shift gears from supporting your local business – to never going there again.

This place?  Ate there at least once a week.  After this?  Never going back again.