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19 Feb

UntitledIs there anything more sad than an empty mall?

I submit that there is not.

Valley View mall used to be a thriving hub of shopping in Dallas.   The food court was alive and kickin’ with every conceivable concept you could imagine.

Now it’s a virtual-but-air-conditioned ghost town.   Huge anchor stores are now vacant or replaced with an indoor boxing facility.  While I am encouraged by the ingenuity of them adding things like workout facilities it can’t sustain that huge place for too long.

This whole thing just baffles me.   The malls all over the DFW are dying and being replaced with those “town square” shopping areas.

I hate those.



26 Jan

UntitledThe Fresh Market has been open in Southlake for a few weeks now and I am enjoying it.

It’s sorta like what might happen if Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s had a baby.   It’s a smaller store like a TJ but has plenty of fresh foods like Whole Foods.  But unlike TJ’s and Whole Foods you will find a small selection of name brand stuff mixed in with their own in-store brands.

I was most impressed with their deli section and meat department.   Everything looked so fresh and appetizing.  I took home some roasted chicken that was pretty damn tasty in addition to a cart full of new brands I haven’t heard of that I will be reviewing soon.

CHIC POP – Irving Mall

20 Dec

Oh, Irving Mall.  How I worry about you.   You were once strong and full of life…and now….not so much.    But I have hope you will endure.

Hopefully things like CHIC POP will help.   Chic (pronounced “chick”…not “sheek”…if you were curious) is a Asian-inspired-popcorn-chicken place in the food court.   Or what’s left of the food court.   I digress….

It’s actually kind-of a fun and funky idea and fits right into a food court situation.  You purchase portions of the chicken and it’s tossed in a sauce (Sweet…Spicy….or Chic…which is basically BBQ sauce) along with some small rice balls and apple chunks.

Yeah, I didn’t get the apple chunks thing either.   I originally was hoping that this would be a place that had several flavors, not just the asian-themed sauces.  I think some hot pepper sauce would also be great on these.  Or some Lemon Pepper… if you pick out the rice and apple chunks like I did.   BBQ flavored rice and apples just didn’t seem yummy to me.    Maybe with one of the other sauces.  

3 bucks or so for this and a drink (they also offer fries…and that ends their menu) and you got a nice little snack to break up the long shopping hours you have been putting in lately.    Chic Pop is located near the Food Court entrance to the mall, where Chick-Fil-A used to be.

Six Flags Mall – My last slice

22 Mar

Back in the day, Six Flags Mall was a great mall.   Located near…..uh huh…. SIX FLAGS, it had been a staple in Arlington forever.

Over the years, South Arlington grew to be more popular than the north side.  So  the mall just sort of fell into a steady stream of decline.

There was hope that the “new” Cowboys Stadium nearby would revive it and bring in a whole new audience.   That hasn’t happened.   In fact, most places around the stadium are in a constant state of flux.   Several have turned to selling their parking spaces at a premium to football fans looking to park close.

So the other day I decided to actually go into the mall and see what it was like.

GHOST TOWN.   The entire mall was empty.   There is a Dillard’s outlet, a movie theatre that is still open, and a lonely pizza place in the abandoned food court.

Quite sad, really.    So as a farewell, I decided to treat myself to a “goodbye” slice because the entire building might not even be here tomorrow.


Review: Charley’s Grilled Subs

3 Jan

Kickin’ around The Parks Mall in Arlington a few days after X-mas.  Yeah I know- not a smart idea – the place was PACKED.  My mistake.

On my way out I notice a few new places in the Food Court.  Charley’s grilled subs stands out and I am developing a hankerin’ for a philly-style-cheesesteak.   That’s exactly what I order- your basic philly.  Judging by the pictures on the menu I am in for a monster of a sammich and I dig it.

There is quite a line so it takes a minute to order and slide down the line watching the sammiches made before our eyes.   I ordered a lemonade which was pretty decent.

So hard to find great lemonade for some reason…..

The cooks are grilling up fantastic smelling piles of meat and onions and all sorts of goodies.   I am getting stoked now and with each passing second I am kicking myself for not finding this place earlier.

It’s finally my turn and I am slid a basket.  Uh……ok.    I got some great provolone, a minimal amount of steak and onions…. and … a whole lotta bun.