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4 Feb

Blackened TendersPopeyes has found yet another way to bring me back to their drive-thru.

I am a sucker for good chicken anyway so when I heard they now offer “blackened” chicken tenders  I was en route .

I had their “naked” tenders (no batter/breading) and found them to be very dried out and utterly tasteless.   Seeing that these blackened tenders were also made without any breading made me thing this was gonna end up bad.

BUT NO!  They coat these strips with dry rubs so it has allowed some of the moisture to stay inside the strips.  They were actually pretty tasty!  I was surprised and think maybe I have found something at Popeyes that will be my go-to move.

And of course now that I have said this out loud they will surely discontinue them.


30 Jan

UntitledOh Starbucks.  Home to coffee lovers and laptop-squatters everywhere. Honestly it has probably been close to two years since I have been to a Starbucks. I don’t fancy coffee so there has never been much reason for me to go. Until now.

Meeting a friend for breakfast and they suggested Starbucks because they know my love for Gouda cheese.  Trusting their instincts I reluctantly agreed and was generously rewarded.

This Bacon and Gouda Breakfast sammich was pretty killer.   The texture and creamy taste of the gouda, egg, bacon, and cheese on that artisan roll was elegant and filling.  I think it was something like $3.59, so it’s pretty reasonable on the pocketbook.   This might just be my new favorite breakfast sammich.   Sorry Mickey D’s.


29 Jan

UntitledI thought it was great when Wendy’s finally got around to serving Spicy chicken nuggets.  It just seemed like an extension of their Spicy Chicken Sammich – which I love.  Or did.  But that is a story for another day.

So another late night on the road and I pull into Wendy’s for a snack and am thinking nuggets.    I notice there is a change to the grouping and pricing now.

Once it was 5 nuggets for 99 cents.  Now 99 cents will only get you FOUR nuggets.   If you want six you end up paying 1.59 for that sixer.

Say, that reminds me—why am I here?   I could be across the street at Burger King getting TEN nuggets for $1.50.

Live and Learn.

BK Chicken Nuggets – 10 for $1.50

27 Jan

UntitledOkay let’s be honest.   You might not think that the chicken nuggets from BK are awesome.   Okay I can agree with you on that.   They aren’t “awesome”.

What they ARE is awesome-ly cheap right now.   Ten for a buck-fifty?  That’s stupid-crazy-cheap.

Add to that, the fact that Mickey D’s is selling TWENTY nuggs for Five bucks?


And after a long day of driving these are actually pretty tasty with some of my trusty-travel-hot-sauce added in the mix.

KFC Half -n- Half Tea/Lemonade

7 Oct

Loves me some sweet tea.   Loves me some Lemonade.

So when I saw they sell a “Half -n- Half” I just had  to try it.

And I can’t explain it….

….it’s exactly what it says….it’s iced tea that is waaaaaaaayyyy too lemony…..but it’s lemonade….with a too much tea…it’s……yummy!!!!

You got chocolate in my peanut butter!!!!

You got peanut butter in my chocolate!!!!!

It’s groovy and tart and I dig it.

KFC isn’t the only place that carries it.  I am seeing it as a SNAPPLE and in other places.


SONIC – Boneless Wings

29 Sep

Sonic has a way of quietly dropping cool new things on their customers.    That pretzel-dog was genius.

Well, now they are back with “Boneless Wings”.   I got kinda excited because I love hotwings and I am constantly looking for a place that can kick them out at the drop of a dime.

Unfortunately these ain’t them.   I can’t really tell if they are reusing the popcorn chicken pieces or these are some other chicken nugget type pieces.   Whatever it is, they aren’t bad…but they aren’t BAD… ya get me?

I wanted crunch chicken pieces (like the popcorn chicken which I do like) tossed in a sauce that “kicks” but the sauce here is just globbed on everywhere…and it’s not much in the heat department.

I will just stick with the popcorn chicken and dip it in my own sauce because a six -piece for four bucks seems too much for what you get.

Burger King Cheese Stix

9 Sep

I have never been a big fan of fried cheese-sticks, but after having some pretty decent ones at Sonic the other day, I noticed that Burger King also sells them…so why not give them a try?

Turns out, they are not bad either.   I had to wait for them to be made fresh – which for me isn’t a big deal – I like fresh-from-the-fryer stuff.

It was a three-piece and a side of sauce.   The coating on the outside was crisp and a bit of a crunch.  Tender and stringy cheese inside keeping me interested as I dipped into a pretty decent marinara.   I think it was 1.99 – so not too shabby for a quick snack.

Maybe I do like cheese-sticks and just didn’t know it?


25 Aug

Yep-yep, they is back, ya’ll !!!!  Dem chick’n-fries ya’ll was demandin’!!!!  WOO!!!


To be honest – I remember when these came out years ago and thought they sounded gross and they certainly tasted gross.  Floppy and thin.  Rubbery and just tired.

Now I don’t know if my tastes have changed or the recipe for this because I actually liked these!

Yeah – I was surprised too.  The breading seems different that what they use on their other fried products.  It has a texture to it that flakes off like crumbs or dusting…like a finer-coarse coating/batter is used here.  Anyway it works.  Granted they were made fresh and I had to wait….Lord knows how they might taste after sitting for a while.

I can see kids LOVING these.  A basket of these mixed in with regular fries?   They will probably tear it up.   It’s a fun food for certain.    I am totally bamboozled as to why I like it…but I do…maybe it’s because the GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS is coming up…and this is totally a Fair-food thingie…and I am just hyped?

Whatever…just don’t get between me and these here chicken fries.  You will lose.

IN-N-OUT Neapolitan Shake

5 Jun

Ok.   I dunno what it is, but In-N-Out has seriously left me hanging lately.  Sloppy burgers.  Fries…that …I just…can not…appreciate…or bother with anymore….but I had a friend in town and they wanted to hit the drive-thru …so we go.

I just get a Neapolitan shake…which is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all together in one shake…..cuz that is all “crazy-like” and on the “secret menu”.

Now…truth be told…Neapolitan is my favorite ice cream.   I have made milkshakes out of it myself at home and it ends up being an “enhanced chocolate” shake basically.  It’s very good.   At home.

This one – 2 bucks and some change was on the small end – and tasted more like just plain vanilla than anything.  Even though I opened it and could see swirls…it was just kinda bland.

Guess I will just keep making my own at the crib out of Blue bell.   I eat all I can and then I sell the rest….well nothing actually.  I eat it all and then basically throw away the empty carton.

KFC Strawberry Lemonade

29 May

Why in the world has this not happened before????   Fried chicken…here in the south…is often considered a fantastic summertime picnic ready type food.    To wash it down is usually some sweet tea or lemonade.

Seeing “new” lemonades (regular and flavored) on the menu seemed like a no-brainer.   If they offered lemonade in some other form before…I have no memory of it.

So I ordered my combo and was looking forward to the addition of some Strawberry Lemonade to my lunch.

What I got…amounted to some watered-down-powdered-drink-mix.    Serious disappointment here.  Oddly enough, there were some strawberry seeds at the bottom so I know at least the squirt of strawberry flavoring has some kind of actual strawberry it…but overall it was just …..not what I expected.   Or will order again.