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9 Aug

UntitledArby’s “Has the meats” or so they keep telling me.  Honestly I don’t live near one so I don’t eat there much….but… now I got a reason to…. Buffalo.  Chicken.  Slider.  woo.

You know I loves me chicken.  Loves me spicy/buffalo chicken more so.

Currently at Arby’s you can get a buffalo chicken slider for $1.00.   It’s basically a chicken strip on a bun with a “parmesan peppercorn ranch” sauce (that I politely declined) smeared in there for added flavor.

What I received was a super-soft mini-hoagie-like bun with a chicken strip absolutely dripping in buffalo sauce – a very good-but-wish-it-was-hotter-buffalo sauce.

I only got one and it was gone in a couple of minutes and I wished I had ordered about six of them.  I enjoyed them that much…..and of course they are only around for a limited time.

DQ…. 2 years later

4 Aug

UntitledSo roughly about two years ago I noticed that new Dairy Queen locations are popping up all around the DFW area.  I am happy for their expansion because….who doesn’t love a good dip cone or blizzard?

BUT…as one reader pointed out, I was a bit harsh on DQ the last time I visited….read that here if interested

So while we were shooting Season Two of JFC Mobile Series, the gang tried all sorts of things….tacos, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak fingers…..and again….the only thing I can recommend from there is the sweet stuff.

I thought in time I would grow to appreciate it but it is just so generic and uninspiring food that I will probably not eat there any more…..except their onion rings….those were some good onion rings!!!!

So I guess if I do like the onion rings, I can feel like a total hypocrite.  Bonus.


25 Mar

UntitledThis was such a hassle.  It took me FOUR tries to get this hot dog.

ROUND ONE:   Sat in the drive-thru for 18 minutes.  Trapped.   Couldn’t get out.   I ordered a simple mustard-dog.  What I got was a chili-cheese dog that was the grossest looking dog I have ever seen.  I didn’t even think to take a photo.

ROUND TWO:   I am down the street when I realize the dog was wrong so I go back.   I walk in and advise them politely of the mistake.   Hey, it happens.  No big.  They give me a new dog and I walk out.  Again I don’t check the bag….I know…I know….so I catch myself in the parking lot and …’s the exact same dog.   In a new bag.

ROUND THREE:   I walk back in and advise them that, again, this is the wrong item.  I ordered a MUSTARD DOG.   ONLY.   They take the dog back and then immediately return with a new bag.  Not that I don’t trust them but…I open the bag right there and it’s the exact same gross dog…now with a mustard squiggle.

“Listen to me”  as I cut back in line to the front….” I only want a hot dog with mustard.  I do not want to see this dog again, ok?”

“Sorry…but we are OUT of hot dogs.”.   I get my money back and walk out with steam coming off my head.

ROUND FOUR:   I am replaying this whole thing over and over in my head and I am trying to admonish and praise myself for not going absolutely BALLISTIC back in the BK.   I make another turn on my way home and notice another BK with nobody in the drive-thru.   I cruise through, order, and receive the mustard dog as it was intended.   So smooth that transaction.   I was surprised.

ok…okay….already… how did it taste?

It’s got “ok”  taste.  Not horrible.  But it is an absolute RIP-OFF at Two Bucks.  RIP.  OFF.  It might be an impulse buy at 99 cents but TWO BUCKS????  are you HIGH????!?!?!  Obviously.   So expect these to quietly fade.  Fast.

And as far as Hot Dogs go, you are still better off going to The SEV and getting the 1/4lb Big Bite.  It’s the true King of Dogs.








30 Nov

Zaxby's Chicken fingersFrom what I read, Zaxby’s started up in 1990.  Looking through this box and again at that picture I can’t help be reminded of Raising Cane’s…despite the fact that technically Zaxby’s was established first.     I mean chicken tenders…crinkle-cut fries…toast…slaw… it’s all so similar.

Zaxby’s DOES have a clear advantage over Raising Cane’s in that they offer several sauces.  I was never a fan of Cane Sauce (and here come the hate emails and tweets) so the option at Zaxby’s was cool.  I tried the “nuclear” and “insane” options (much like I did in life) and was disappointed in both.  They had some serious heat to them but instead of a cayenne pepper sauce they tasted like a cayenne pepper sauce with a ton of cajun seasoning added.   Nuclear had it in abundance.  Insane had so much I couldn’t even eat it.

The fries are just like Ora-Ida fries I have had many times.  The toast was dry and flavorless.    The chicken itself was good with some nice breading but I can’t say that was enough to get me to ever choose Zaxby’s over Rasing Canes.


19 Nov

UntitledThis seems so crazy it might work.  This also seems like Dudley’s Shake-an-egg but that’s at Easter.   But these are chickens and they do come from eggs so maybe I ain’t so crazy.

I never liked Mickey D’s nuggets.   Just don’t.  They taste weird to me.  But they this new thing where you can ask for flavor packets and then you dump the packet into a bag along with the nugs and shake the hell out of it and you get what you see in the pic.   Dusted Nugs.

Now this totally make them taste waaaaaayyy better than before…but not good enough that I would order them often.

I did have fun shaking the bag though.   I looked insane sitting in the Mickey D’s.   I also seemed to be the first person to ever order it because when I asked for it the cashier looked at me like “do we even sell that?”  I had to remind them twice for it and then they even had to ask someone where the shake-stuff was.  wow.


17 Nov


Everyone loves “Buffalo” something.   Wings, chips, eyelashes.   Everything is getting “buffalo’ed” these days.   Take the BK chicken fries.  They were pretty fun and snacky all by themselves.   Of course they could have used a bit more heat but that was what the sauces were for.  They were fine as is.  I have had them several times and enjoyed them more often than not.

Then here comes the “buffalo” ones.  A light dusting of cayenne and some orange color don’t really reinvent these into something magical.  They are decent but the heat was so shallow it just made me feel tricked.  If you gonna intro a spicy something make it DAMN SPICY!!!

McDonald’s Strawberry Lemonade

14 Sep


// there anyone that doesn’t love lemonade?  Like seriously?  Go sit down somewhere.   Lemonade is awesome.  Flavored lemonades are awesomer even.  Sometimes.

I don’t eat much McDonald’s unless it’s a new menu item…and now we have Olivia for that (hee hee hee).   But Mickey D’s does manage to keep some skin in the game with these drinks.

Now (and if my luck holds…it’s for a limited time) they have lemonades.   You can get a frozen or over-ice regular or strawberry version.  I have the over-ice-strawberry here and it was pretty tasty.  Not overly sweet or tart.  Just enough balance so as not to offend.

I also like the mini chunks of real (REAL LIFE!!!!) strawberries floating around in there.  Makes a fun game when I am fishing them out to eat later.   Ok so it’s not actually a fun game but I have a long drive sometimes and radio in this town suuuuucks so I have to do something distracting while driving…besides texting…and finding podcasts…and sending a tweet…and eating ice out of the cup while at the same time trying to get one of the strawberry pieces.