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26 Oct

UntitledOkay, many a night have I got pretty hammered at the Taco Cabana.  I love their food and their Happy Hour Margaritas are a no-frills way to take the edge off.  Those Strawberry margaritas???  Oh yeah….

Well today I see a sign that says MANGO MARGARITA and I am like “Shut up and take my money”!!!!

I love mango.  I love margaritas.  Together?   HOO-GAH!!!

It’s a limited time thing (of course) and I order a few for the table and chillax.  These are good.   Nice and mango-y.  

But…they do have a little on the back-end.   In my mind a good sweet drink like this when you can NOT taste the booze at all.   On the back-end here I taste alcohol.  It’s strong and bitter.   Like a well tequila was used for this.   Which is fine, I mean it was less than two bucks so what do you expect?  Good…but not as good as the strawberry ones they normally have. 


27 Aug


// please explain to me how I ended up with four cases of this in the booze fridge (and yes there is a designated booze fridge at this crib….stop judging me) after this weekend?  I didn’t buy it and I certainly didn’t see anyone bring it in.  I have GOT to review my security cameras.

That being said, I tried it.  And it’s not that it’s bad, it’s apple-y and all but there is something missing.   Maybe it would be a great mixer for something.

Anyway next time I see you, I might have a few of these to hand-off so don’t be surprised.


13 Aug

UntitledKids, what you are looking at right there is a masterpiece.  It’s a “suicide” Daiquiri and them  thangs are just about wonderful.   It’s The Daiquiri Shoppe in Grand Prairie.

The whole concept of the place is nice and simple.  They sell you plastic jugs of different sizes…filled with frozen mixed drinks.   They also have a pretty tasty menu (we had the chicken wings and catfish and both were quickly gobbled up by the JFC crew) so you really can’t go wrong with anything in the joint.

These guys are transplants from The Big Easy and judging by the crowds they get at night…they are kicking ass.

You are welcome to drink your “jug” there or I noticed several people getting the big jugs to take home.  Lids are strictly enforced so folks will not walking out of there with an open containers.   That’s a good thing.

The staff is fast, friendly, and helpful when you need it with drink selections.    It’s a laid back joint with a casual vibe.  I dig it.   You know I love to support local business and this one is worth your time and money.   Speaking of money, just so you know, there is a minimum charge of 10 bucks if you are going to use credit/debit cards.   So…here….cash is king.   Just saying.   But their stuff is so good, spending 10 bucks will not be hard to do.

I was almost SHOCKED to see a place like this in GP because that town is usually SO conservative.   Almost stuffy.  Kinda like the town from Footloose where nobody could dance.  I am glad to see GP loosen up a little.


6 Jul

UntitledOkay I am exhausted from this past weekend but there are sill a few of these lying around campus.  You may have read the review of the Long Island Iced Tea a few days ago…and while it was okay – these Hurricanes are no joke.  It’s got some serious alcohol content and some pretty decent flavor.  They were quite the hit with the “I don’t like beer” members of the party.

Yes friends these are the modern-day wine coolers.   With a kick.

Of course they do not compare to an actual cocktail Hurricane (and yes I still hold the record of drinking 21 Hurricanes in a day and not being dead…but I digress) they will satisfy your party pals.


23 Jun

UntitledSo with every summer you can expect a new summer-inspired cocktail or adult beverage to hit the shelves.  This year Bud Light rolls out its MIXX TAIL brand with a Long Island Iced Tea flavored beverage.  With 8% alcohol content, these aren’t ya mamas wine coolers.   These have a bit of a punch.

Being a fan of the LIIT, I was super curious.   The drink itself has an orange hue to it and has some nice flavor but it did not remind me of a LIIT.  It just tasted like a slightly citrus-y mixed drink.

Don’t get me wrong, the sample case we had disappeared in a heartbeat but we are all heavy-drinkers.  ha.  I don’t drink many (none) Bud Light products but I know alot of people who do.  So if I showed up to a party and found these in their cooler I would at least have something pretty decent to drink….before I did the cannonball and got that party started!

Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade

8 Jan

OMG do I love me  some Lemonade.   I am always on the look-out for the best and easiest available lemonade.  I am never too impressed with bottled lemonades but Hubert here has a pretty decent one.  The Strawberry just takes the edge off it being “too-lemon-y” for some people I would expect.   It’s not quite as tart as your full-blown-lemonade.   For it to be not freshly-made it’s a great go-to move here.  Very light and refreshing.

Hubert has other flavors besides this and original so I will be trying them all coming soon.  I found it at Whole Foods so keep an eye out for it!


23 Oct

Arlington has had a hidden gem of a seafood joint since 1984 called FISHBONE GRILL.   It has seen other businesses come and go and they are still standing.  When they built the new Cowboys stadium (which is literally across the street) Fishbone stepped up their game with a remodel and a pretty cool game-day deal.

The food has always been great.  Fresh seafood, fried shrimp, fish, and chicken.. you name it, they had it.    The decor was always kinda “meh”.    But they have torn down some walls and really opened up the joint with new paint and deco and TVs.  The whole place is alot more inviting now.   They didn’t fool with the food – it’s still as awesome as ever, thankfully!

They also have the Bill Bates Tailgate party that they host every home Cowboy game.  For 3 hours they have a DJ, catered food, beer and margaritas, and a meet-n-greet with Bill Bates for 50 bucks a person.   It’s all in this giant party tent set up behind the restaurant and it sells out every game!   If you can’t afford to go to a game this is a killer alternative.   50 bucks with catered food, drinks, and a former player?  That’s a no-brainer!


21 Jun

WHEW!!!! ….. I have made it to TACO CABANA before the end of their happy hour.   These 1.50 Margaritas are the BIZZZZZ-OMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These 10 oz beauties have a perfect balance of mix and booze.   They are NOT watered down or weak by any standard.   So don’t be put off by it only being 10 ounces.   I can’t tell you how many 32 oz “grande” margaritas I’ve had that were so weak and under-poured….and were like 8 bucks a pop.    For 8 bucks at TC, I could literally knock myself out on 1.50 margs.

Dinner and drinks for less than 10 bucks a person?  That’s a great value and with patio weather now officially here this was a fun and relaxing dinner.


16 May

Get ready to fall in love.   Cayman jack Margarita is a bottled, pre-mixed Margarita mixed drink that is probably the freshest and best tasting bottle drink I have had.  Like ever.

All too often these drinks have a sweetness to them that is so artificial and over the top.  It’s a constant reminder that what you are drinking is processed.

Cayman Jack is a different breed of cat.   You will not see ten-syllable-ingredients.   What is used is organic limes.  Pure cane sugar.  Agave nectar.     These are all ingredients that not only can I pronounce – but actually know what they are.

This thing tastes like it was freshly squeezed and made by a kick-ass bartender who hooks you up with a splash more liquor.   At 5.9% these babies have both flavor and kick.

Hands down, this is my new favorite party-time drink!    WOO!!!!

Bud Light Lime – Straw-ber-rita

6 May

Here in Texas, the Margarita is as classic and part of the three basic Tex-Mex food groups:

1.  Booze with some frou-frou-fruit mixed.

2.  chips and salsa.

3.  some mexi-dish served with rice-n-beans.  Doesn’t matter what you order, just understand it will come with rice and beans.   This is not negotiable.

I have never been that big a fan of Bud-anything.   So it was only at the request of a JFC to try this.   They said it was “SOOOOOO GOOOOD”.

They were SOOOOO WROOOONNNNNGG.   It tasted enough like a ‘rita, but had a terrible after-taste.