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4 Oct

UntitledOHHHH wow.  These are some tempting snacks.  I mean look at that bag, baby.   Deep Dish Pizza?  Bring it on!

Herr’s is a relative new kid on the block, as I only remember seeing them in the last year or so.  Maybe they have been around forever.  What I do know is they step their game up with ideas like this.

They taste like you might expect – cheese, a slight tomato, and some Italian herb…..highly snackable!

UntitledLOOK at those babies!   They almost GLOW in the dark!

I found them at Dollar General, but I am also seeing them pop up in other places so give them a try and comment below how you like them!


11 Aug

UntitledOkay….wow….I didn’t think it would happen.   I didn’t think that it was possible to make Funyuns any more awesomeR.  But they did.

They wents and didds it, yo!

These “Steakhouse Onion” are supposed to have a “Bloomin’ Onion” sorta taste to them I guess??  I don’t know – I don’t eats bloomin’ onions enough to know.

All I know is these things are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a fuller-body flavor all over those crunchy rings.   I am afraid to type this because it’s prolly a limited time thing…which means I will love them…and they will leave me…..just like prom night.

Go check them out and report back!


10 Aug

UntitledOkay these are fun and highly snackable.  Nice crunch and the label don’t lie…it’s a mild cheddar flavor.

These are made by Snyder’s, which is known for pretzels, so it’s cool to see them branching out and making other snacky-snacks.

These are super-new and I have only seen them at Kroger so far —- so snatch these and snack-up…and report back your thoughts!



12 Aug

UntitledJust the design of this bag alone was enough to make me buy it.   It just looks kooky and cool.  The chips inside are exactly like that…kooky and cool.  They have a sweet-heat to them that are addictive and that mix of flavors and the texture of those chips are soooo good.  I got them at Potbelly’s but I hope I can find them in full-size bags in my local stores.   Definitely a must buy!!!!


29 Apr

Awww yeah….It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another episode of Junk Food Critic Mobile Series:  Season Two.  Today Ricky takes on the cheese battle of Cheese Nips VS. Cheez-its.   Ricky also stumbles into a dilemma that we all face on Sundays….at just about 12:38 pm.   Enjoy.

H.K. ANDERSON Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets

12 Feb

UntitledOMG I love these things!   Pretzel pillows filled with peanut butter?


This nugs are highly snackable and didn’t last two days around the JFC compound.  The pretzel shell is very light and crisp.  The peanut butter is rich and creamy just the way you like it.   Salty, crunchy, and sweet all together.  Nice blend.

What really sends this over the top is that I found them at the DOLLAR TREE.  Yeah… one dollar and you get a hefty little sack of snackin’, my friend.

A.  Dollar.    Seriously good eats on the cheap.

LAY’S Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt

22 Jan

UntitledThe name of these chips is absolutely exhausting.

Lay’s Kettle Cooked, Lattice cut, Roasted Garlic, and Sea Salt chips.

By the time I typed that and you read it, I have had three handfuls of these chips.

Man, they are some garlicky suckas – and I love it!

Not quite the record for “Fastest time for emptying a bag of chips around the office” but it’s close.   Everyone wanted these.

After all those other wacky and goofy flavors Lay’s has rolled out lately – this is a keeper.  The lattice cut are novel but make me think I am crunching harder than I actually am.

Good chips.

DEEP RIVER SNACKS – Sweet Maui Onion Chips

20 Jan

UntitledI like Deep River Snacks.  They have some unique flavors.   Their kettle chips have a nice crunch and are typically pretty bold with the flavorings.

Take these for example.   They have that crunch and burst with a sweet onion flavor.

Now I have never had a Maui onion that I can remember but I can testify to one thing – these are sweet and onion-y.

As someone who has eaten their weight in Funyuns several times over in this life – I was ready.   And by “ready” I mean obviously not ready at all.  These are a touch overwhelming to me.   I didn’t fall in love with the sweetness and onion-y assault on my tastebuds.


I think I have tastebuds that are like those tv dinner trays- where the foods don’t touch because they are separated by the sections?…forgive me while I have a moment….

So I would be curious as to your experience would be with these.  If you find them and try them let me know!

BARCEL Habanero Chips

13 Jan

Mazzio's supersonic wingCrunch.  Flavor.  Texture.   Taste.  That is my roundabout checklist for trying new chips.

I am a total fan of HABANERO anything so I was excited at the possibility of discovering a new favorite chip.

These are not those unfortunately.    They have a nice crunch and texture but the habanero just seems off.   It’s more of just a vinegar-tangy-taste than anything.

I crunch on…


LANCE Captain’s Wafers

18 Dec

Lance Captain's WafersOh I know all about the saltines.

The Ritz.

The Club.

But for my money, there isn’t a cracker alive that can touch Lance Captain’s Wafers.    They are just so rich and buttery.   They are usually baked perfectly….and have that one edge…that is slightly more “done” than the rest…..oh man…those are THE best crackers known to modern civilization.

This movie I saw the other day said apes would eventually rise and take over the planet.

I am ok with this…I love animals…unless they decide to take these away.  Then I am kicking some monkey ass.