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17 May

UntitledOh dear lord.

Are these even still out ?

(editor:  no, they are not…so please don’t report on something that is no longer available. )

Hell with it –  I am talking about them anyway….

(editor:  please move on.  you missed the boat)

No – I gotta get this off my chest.  These things are …well….WERE awesome…prolly one of the BEST Oreos I ever had – and they are silly for not making them a permanent thing.

(editor note:  can I see you in my office when you are done?  thanks)

hmmmmm…..wonder what that is about?



19 Jun

UntitledThese are so obvious I am almost shocked it took them this long to roll them out.   These are the “vanilla” wafers that house some very nice and lemon-y “creme”.   Over the years I have seen these made by other companies and they are all pretty groovy but having the name Oreo on them will surely move product.

I love lemon-y flavored things so of course I picked up a few bags to spread around campus.   Anything Oreo goes quite quickly.