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16 May

UntitledAnyone reading this can email me and explain to me exactly WHY…..I never tried these before now?

wow….are these addictive.   Love them and I am a complete idiot for taking so long to discover this low-key-yet-kick-ass flavor.   Simple and effective.



5 Sep

UntitledFACT:  Tostitos , translated from Spanish, means “Party Fun Chip for dipping”.

DISCLAIMER:  I failed Spanish muy fabuloso.

Anyway-  these new Tostitos Salsa Verde chips are NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are light and crisp, and have some very nice salsa verde seasoning on them.

FACT:  Salsa Verde, translated from Spanish, means “Happy Mouth Smack”.

What do you want from me?  Just go try these .   They snackable as all get out and have an addictive flavor!


22 Mar

UntitledTom’s.   I enjoy his products.   What I like about his chips is that they tend to come in all the flavors I love….and they are a bit heavy-handed with the seasoning….that’s bonus flavor to you and me.

So when I sees these (say that outloud..hear the flow…sees…these…whatever) on the shelf at a QT (QuikTrip…keep up kiddos) I was excited.  Love chips.  Love buffalo wings.  Buffalo Wing chips? DONE!

These are pretty good.  They have that TANG of the vinegar flavor and some nice-even-heat.   Good crunch too.   Like these when I sees these!!!

Lay’s Passport Flavor Chips

17 Aug


So Lay’s is back at it again coming up with a bevy of new chips with flavors from around the world….culture diversity and all that…now in chip form.   So let’s get at them–

GREEK TZATZIKI – blue bag – These “wavy-lay” version was the first I tried and they aren’t bad.  I sort of expected a sour-cream-and-onion flavor and while it wasn’t that… was very mild and unassuming.  Very lite on seasoning.

CHINESE SZECHUAN CHICKEN – red bag – okay these got seasoning on them for days.  Wow.  Lots of mixed flavors hitting my taste buds.   I think I taste like a chicken flavor in there too.  Odd and kooky.  Not my fave. Very strong.

BRAZILIAN PICANHA – green bag – These are “steak and chimichurri sauce” flavor. I taste no steak.  These taste like pico flavor…..or maybe cilantro….yeah…that’s it. Cilantro chips here.  These would be awesome as a kettle chip so you could dip them in salsa.

INDIAN TIKKA MASALA – orange bag- These “kettle” chips have the best crunch and quite a strong aroma and flavor.   They are heavy on the seasoning and aren’t great…which is weird because I like Tikka Masala, so I figured the chip would get a passing grade.

WINNER?……fellowship.   I bought these all at once and have several JFC folks sit and try them all at the same time.   We joked, we laughed, we argued which one was best…and that was the extent of the enjoyment.  Nobody admitted publically that they would buy any of these.


12 Aug

UntitledJust the design of this bag alone was enough to make me buy it.   It just looks kooky and cool.  The chips inside are exactly like that…kooky and cool.  They have a sweet-heat to them that are addictive and that mix of flavors and the texture of those chips are soooo good.  I got them at Potbelly’s but I hope I can find them in full-size bags in my local stores.   Definitely a must buy!!!!


30 Mar

Untitledoh snap…these are good!  These are light and crispy and have such good flavor.  They also remind me that:

A.  I don’t eat apples often but I like them.  Weird.

B.  I love the taste of cinnamon and apple together.

C.  Fruit can be chips….and delicious.

D.  Must keep snacking……nom nom nom…soo addictive

KYLITO’S Roasted Salsa

9 Feb

UntitledFound this at my local Kroger.  I am always interested in trying new salsas and I was very pleased with this one.  It is the “roasted’ variety from Kylito’s Salsas and it has some nice flavor.   It’s a great table sauce or something you could serve to everyone because the heat level is very mild.    It’s jar sauce that doesn’t quite taste like jar sauce. It tastes more like the type of salsa you would find freshly made in your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  This jar didn’t last but a few days and I will be trying their “Scorching” as soon as I can find it.

LAY’s Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Cheddar Chips

16 Jan

UntitledI love me some kettle cooked chips.  That texture and rock-solid crunch?  Yeah put me down for some of that.

I also loves me some jalapeno.   And…I also loves me some cheddar.

And…I didn’t care for these chips.  Yeah I was surprised too.   I was expected to fall head over heels for this triple-threat but it wasn’t meant to be.  The crunch was good and there is some nice jalapeno flavor but the cheddar just kills it.  It’s a weird-kinda-wait-was-that-some-cheese-type-flavor-I-think-I-just-uh-what-is-that-slight-aftertaste?

A moment of silence as I quietly put down the bag and walk away…

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar

16 Dec

So I am having lunch (and you can guess by looking at the pic I am sure) and I RE-discovered the Lay’s:  Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips

These were far better than I remembered the first time.   They aren’t heavy with the salt and the vinegar is light and has that tangy flavor you quickly get addicted to.

It was actually the best part of this lunch.   The sammich sucked.

Chips and Salsa

13 Nov

Here is a fun travel trip for you.

Go to any tex-mex restaurant in the DFW area and just order a soda.   Sit there and munch on a couple of baskets of chips and salsa for half an hour and ask for your check.     TOTAL?  Two bucks or so.   The price of the soda.

Do that same thing in New York?  TOTAL is twenty-five bucks or so— that being the cost of  two sodas and two baskets of chips and salsa.

They do not have “complimentary” chips and salsa in other cities like we do here.   We are sorta spoiled in that regard.

So when I passed an On The Border the other day and saw this silly sign that read “Endless chips and salsa FREE with every meal” …I was like…uh…yeah!!!!  DUH!!!

But it also made me wonder what if I am having drinks with some friends and not dinner?  Do I NOT get the chips and salsa like I have in the past?

Are time so hard that OTB can’t afford to give away chips and salsa?      Or is this some dumb corporate move to save 9 cents a year….and secure his yearly bonus?