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2 Sep


For as long as I can remember, I have heard people all over the DFW sing the praises of Chicken Express. The fries, the chicken, the rolls…oh the rolls…and the sweet tea.   It is an orgy of deliciousness and it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have lived here this long and NEVER had it.

Well, fans and friends, I have not had it and it’s —-well—- I found it kinda “meh”. I had your basic chicken strip box.  The fries were pretty generic and greasy.  The chicken wasn’t very flavorful and the breading kept falling off.   The ROLLS???  HOLY JESUS them some good rolls!!!!  I would return just for a box of rolls!!!!!!    The sweet tea is pretty damn tasty too but it’s not a place I would have on my go-to list.   It’s just kinda generic.   Tell me what I am missing in the comments below.  Did I order the wrong thing?




9 Aug

UntitledArby’s “Has the meats” or so they keep telling me.  Honestly I don’t live near one so I don’t eat there much….but… now I got a reason to…. Buffalo.  Chicken.  Slider.  woo.

You know I loves me chicken.  Loves me spicy/buffalo chicken more so.

Currently at Arby’s you can get a buffalo chicken slider for $1.00.   It’s basically a chicken strip on a bun with a “parmesan peppercorn ranch” sauce (that I politely declined) smeared in there for added flavor.

What I received was a super-soft mini-hoagie-like bun with a chicken strip absolutely dripping in buffalo sauce – a very good-but-wish-it-was-hotter-buffalo sauce.

I only got one and it was gone in a couple of minutes and I wished I had ordered about six of them.  I enjoyed them that much…..and of course they are only around for a limited time.

OLIVE GARDEN – Grilled Chicken Piadina

2 May

UntitledI hate the name but I LOVE the dish.

It’s essentially an Italian Quesadilla and I thought it was going to be pretty lame but I was totally surprised by how well the ingredients came together.   Chicken, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and an Italian cheese sauce….with a side of marinara for dipping.   Loved it!!!!   Olive Garden is back on my good side for a little while.


29 Apr

Awww yeah….It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another episode of Junk Food Critic Mobile Series:  Season Two.  Today Ricky takes on the cheese battle of Cheese Nips VS. Cheez-its.   Ricky also stumbles into a dilemma that we all face on Sundays….at just about 12:38 pm.   Enjoy.


21 Apr

UntitledWOW was that a long title or what?

Church’s is steady cranking out new and different takes on their classic menu items.  I like that they are taking chances and being creative.  These Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender are THE BEST chicken I have had from Church’s.

I was told the tenders are made fresh so it would take three minutes, which was fine by me.  I likes me some fresh.

The batter is super-light and crispy/crunchy.  It’s very nice and has a great texture.  I don’t taste Honey-Butter and I see on their website that I was supposed to get a special dipping sauce….which I did not.  These were still great though.   Can’t get over that homestyle…lightness to the batter…not like the inch thick crust you get on some chicken tenders.  These should stay on the menu.   They should also tweak them and make them with a spicy blend and make a savory version.


28 Mar

UntitledMy tastes are ever-evolving when it comes to wing flavors.  Wingstop has debuted a new flavor that I like called SMOKE 9.   It’s exactly what you might think…a smoky…bbq-y…slightly pepper-y…dry rub type flavor.

Not a total dry rub though, as you can see.  It’s good but it’s missing a note…like maybe a sweetness?

And then it hits me.  These sort of taste like a more smoky version of the Nashville Hot Chicken from KFC.

Now whether that is intended or by accident, if you know about both, it’s undeniable.    KFC has them just by a hair on the flavor…but of course Wingstop has them on the quality of the chicken and it’s flavor.  Comparison aside it’s still very good…..but I am still waiting for Wingstop to bring back their best flavor ever….the Serrano Pepper Glaze…oh how I miss that sauce!!!


29 Jan

UntitledThe legend of “Hot Chicken” is a great one and any online search of the term will show you recipes or stories about this southern dish that is absolutely delicious.  It has been knocked off by many a restaurant and now KFC has issued their own version.  I couldn’t wait to try it.

And this is easily THE BEST thing I have ever eaten from KFC, period.   Of course it doesn’t actually duplicate the amount of heat you normally find in “hot chicken” but it’s close and for a national chain that has to appeal-to-the-masses…it’s a total home run.   It’s an instant classic for them and something that should be on the menu all the time…..and it’s another limited time only deal…..FML.

I will say that six bucks for 3 tenders, a biscuit, and some coleslaw seems a bit pricey though.   I don’t like coleslaw so to me that works out to around two bucks a tender, not counting the biscuit….which again seems expensive in my head.  So I don’t like that but I am obviously not that bothered because I have gladly paid for them on four separate occassions in less than a week…since they debuted.  I dig them that much.

I would encourage all of you to try them if you like spicy stuff and comment below!


30 Nov

Zaxby's Chicken fingersFrom what I read, Zaxby’s started up in 1990.  Looking through this box and again at that picture I can’t help be reminded of Raising Cane’s…despite the fact that technically Zaxby’s was established first.     I mean chicken tenders…crinkle-cut fries…toast…slaw… it’s all so similar.

Zaxby’s DOES have a clear advantage over Raising Cane’s in that they offer several sauces.  I was never a fan of Cane Sauce (and here come the hate emails and tweets) so the option at Zaxby’s was cool.  I tried the “nuclear” and “insane” options (much like I did in life) and was disappointed in both.  They had some serious heat to them but instead of a cayenne pepper sauce they tasted like a cayenne pepper sauce with a ton of cajun seasoning added.   Nuclear had it in abundance.  Insane had so much I couldn’t even eat it.

The fries are just like Ora-Ida fries I have had many times.  The toast was dry and flavorless.    The chicken itself was good with some nice breading but I can’t say that was enough to get me to ever choose Zaxby’s over Rasing Canes.

2015 CHURCH’S Chicken and Waffle Bites

24 Nov

Church's Chicken and Waffle BitesRound two from Church’s and their Chicken and Waffle Bites.   I reviewed them the first time in July here.   The chicken was dry and the waffle crisps were kinda cool and snackable.  (in case you are too lazy to click and read the review).

And this review is so late they probably don’t even offer them anymore but hey.    The chicken again is pretty dry and the color seems WAY off when you compare it next to the waffle bites.   The breading looks super-pale and not appetizing at all.  Makes me think the chicken is raw or under-cooked.

AND the the waffle bites themselves have changed.  Instead of looking like small waffles…these are just round balls of fried dough.  They have a nice flavor to them…like a waffle-hushpuppie or something….and I realize now that my maple dipping sauce was left out of my bag.    Damn.

Strike-two for these from Church’s.


19 Nov

UntitledThis seems so crazy it might work.  This also seems like Dudley’s Shake-an-egg but that’s at Easter.   But these are chickens and they do come from eggs so maybe I ain’t so crazy.

I never liked Mickey D’s nuggets.   Just don’t.  They taste weird to me.  But they this new thing where you can ask for flavor packets and then you dump the packet into a bag along with the nugs and shake the hell out of it and you get what you see in the pic.   Dusted Nugs.

Now this totally make them taste waaaaaayyy better than before…but not good enough that I would order them often.

I did have fun shaking the bag though.   I looked insane sitting in the Mickey D’s.   I also seemed to be the first person to ever order it because when I asked for it the cashier looked at me like “do we even sell that?”  I had to remind them twice for it and then they even had to ask someone where the shake-stuff was.  wow.