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1 Aug

UntitledHiya.   Welcome back.

I’m really not sure what a “Strawberry Nut” is but these M&M’s are some kind of damn awesome!   These are your basic peanut candies…but there is a hint of strawberry flavoring in there….it’s mild but addictive.  They also have a color code to match the flavor….red…pink…green….LIMITED EDITION….AVAILABLE FOR A SHORT TIME… go stock up now!!!!




22 Feb

UntitledStrawberry Watermelon.


Cherry Cooler.

Grape Slushie.

Man, oh man, do I love these new Starburst flavors.  I always think they can’t think of better …or newer flavors..and boom…here they go.

Especially that Strawberry Watermelon…..and That Grape Slushie.  Grape Slushie might be the best Starburst I have had in a lonnnnng time.  It’s just has the perfect grape soda /slush bite to it.  It’s all grape-y….and I love it.   For sure.. pick up a few of these if you see them.


15 Feb


I haven’t had these since I was a kid.   Man…oh man…do these things kick ass!!!

Yes, they have been in the import aisle in the store for some time but they always tasted OLD.

Ever had WHOPPERS?  Okay…well these kick that whopper ass.

MALTESERS (pronounced MALL- TEASERS) take what is good about Whoppers and makes it way better…the chocolate is lighter,creamy, and has a depth of flavor to it.  The inside malted part is LIGHT…airy…crispy rather than crunchy and sometimes chalky.

Love. Love.  Love.  Love that these are finally available nationwide.    Fantastic news!!!



19 Jan

UntitledI understood going in. These were gummies. These were Starburst gummies. But these square pillows just seem….meh. The basic flavors (watermelon,strawberry,cherry,and blue raspberry) are good and there is a sufficient amount of “sour”….sorta….but these pillows aren’t satisfying to me. They make me wish I had just got the regular sour Starbursts. I also did NOT like that the bag was pretty sizeable…ut the amount of actual candy you get inside is about a THIRD of the bags actual size. So that felt like a gyp. Your mileage may vary.


31 Oct

UntitledI would have LOVED to have been in this meeting.

BOSS: We need to get sales of our cups and pieces up so let’s brainstorm….Dale?

DALE: uh….maybe put the pieces INSIDE the cups?

PHIL: that is stupid!!!

BOSS: You are right, that is stupid.   Phil, you’re FIRED.   This is so stupid it’s genius!!!  It just might work!

PHIL: But Boss….

BOSS: Are you still here?  Didn’t I fire you a while back?

UntitledFor me, this is indulgence inside of indulgence. I love both products so the six-year-old in me was ecstatic at the notion of eating a favorite inside another favorite.

But as you can see…the cups I got don’t quite have as many pieces as the photo on the wrapper. I think I hit two or three per cup.   I was hoping for more but still this is a kick-ass idea and treat for the kid in all of us.


12 Nov

UntitledFive gum has always been a favorite of mine.  From the slick packaging to the unique flavors…they always get my attention.  Today is no exception.   Sour Strawberry Flood is a very nice —very strawberry-yyy flavored gum.   I like it.

That being said I detect no amount of SOUR.  I would have purchased this even if it was just “Strawberry Flood”.   I was expecting some sour to it…since it said SOUR…but it’s good on its own.  I just don’t taste anything sour about it.

So that being said it’s my new favorite strawberry gum.


11 Jun

UntitledIf you are like me ( and why would you not be…?) you love you some Skittles.

You have tasted the rainbow so many times you have lost count.

Seeing new bags with new flavors or flavor mash-ups gets you pumped.

Today we are fighting over this bag of “Orchards” Skittles.   The flavors are:


And they are awesome.   Okay one small issue – the cherry and apple look pretty close in color so it’s easy to get those mixed up if you are looking to intentionally pick out flavors.

But by the handful they have this very nice blend of easy and soft flavors and then you get these little hits of peach or lime that are somewhat stronger.   The peach ones are the easy favorite around here.   Not certain if they are a limited time thing so grab them while you can.