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The Chickie Bickie

2 Aug

UntitledI am hardly ever up early enough for this delectable breakfast item…..but today???ohhh man.

I mean seriously — who in the hell doesn’t like the Chick-fil-a Chicken biscuit?????/

How difficult would it be to offer this all day?  I mean come on guys…Mickey D’s and Jack in the box does all day breakfastes…..and yes

I.  said.  Breakfastes……it’s my blog.  deal with it.


31 Aug

UntitledTiny Toast.   These represent everything cool about cereal.  It’s a super-simple concept, has a fun shape, is easily recognizable, and has fruit flavor….all the hallmarks of a legendary cereal in the making.   I loved the hell out of both of these.  They are highly snackable (both in and out of a bowl of milk) and they have nice little burst of fruit flavor.   I especially dug the Blueberry.  Slightly reminded me of my beloved BooBerry cereal…which is only available during…..booyah.

From what I read, cereal is on the decline. Kids are eating healthier (probably not by choice) so the “kiddie” cereals we all grew up with might fade away one day.  I hope not.  The whole concept of Tiny Toast is a callback to a simpler time.  When all you needed was a bowl of cereal and a four-hour cartoon block of Tom and Jerry to be happy.

#1fan review:  QT BREAKFAST PIZZA

28 Sep

UntitledWe got fans.  Several handfuls of fans even.   Our number one fan is a guy we call “Babba Ganoush”.    He reads and emails us a lot about food here in the DFW.   We find him pretty funny.    He sent in a review of his own so here it is….

Ok JFC fans, it’s breakfast time! What’dya want? Sausage gravy and biscuits? Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon? How about… All of it. QT is a staple for the JFC crew and their breakfast pizza ain’t no light lunch. Roll those biscuits out, use the gravy for a sauce and top it with sausage, bacon and cheese.
This isn’t for those that never liked their peas and mashed taters touching on the plate, but the QT kitchen makes them all blend really well. If it’s after 6AM and before the regular pizza comes out the oven– look for these breakfast monsters.


8 Jul

 Sweet Jedi-Jesus…..with the new Star Wars movies coming I figured it was only a matter of time before we would see the return of some kind of cereal.  It’s not C3P-O’s …but it’s damn cool to see on the shelves.

Lightsaber and Yoda shaped marshmellows?…the hell with Lucky and his charms….the force is strong in this box!