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23 Jan

UntitledJustice Burger is the new kid on the block in downtown Weatherford TX.   Buckle up because we got lots of ground to cover here.

This place looks like a lot of fun.  Tons of TVs, what appears to be a stage for music, a huge beer list, and big plates full of the biggest burgers I have ever seen in my life.  I am full-on excited to be here.

I tell the server that it is our first time here and we will need a minute to go over all the beers and extensive menu.  We start with water and some chips and salsa.

She returns with the waters and drops them off.    She returns again and remembers the chips and salsa are missing and walks away.   She comes back and fills up our water and asks if we are ready to order.  I asked about a beer and my dining buddy asked about the burgers because their menu is not clear as to what ingredients is on what burger.   It’s confusing.  Again.  First time here.

My friend wants a basic burger.   This is how they list the first burger on the menu:


Plain but Tasty Burger with Veggies.  The perfect companion for those weird other galaxy adventures you need a wingman for.

SERIOUSLY?  You had to squeeze in that goofy Star Trek joke?  Why not just list the size of the burger patty and what toppings come on it?

But right above that on the menu it reads “Burgers only include veggies if noted below but feel free to add lettuce, tomato, or onions.

So…the Red Shirt Guy comes with just pickles?  Am I crazy?  Why make this so difficult?

My friend orders the Red Shirt Guy (comes with fries) and he is set.

I order the Bacon Cheeseburger and have similar problems.

The Menu:

BACON CHEESEBURGER- Just like the cheeseburger except with tasty, thick cut, bacon.  No limitations still apply.

OOOOOHHHKAY…. EXCEPT…there is no “CHEESEBURGER” on the menu to refer to.  So when it says “just like the cheeseburger…I don’t know what they are referring to.    And the NO limitations still apply is meaningless because instead of mustard or mayo on the burger, I asked for BBQ sauce and was charged .95 cents for that.

I also ordered the onion ring “upgrade” for a “tiny bit more” ($1.00)…and a beer I never got.

So we finally taste the water….BAD MOVE.    This water is obviously unfiltered or maybe Weatherford tap water is just dirty tasting.  YUCK.  So if you only drink water….be warned.

Our server forgot the chips and salsa again and after reminding her… she finally brought them she told us to be careful because the plate was hot.

Really?  Why?  The salsas were cold and so were the chips, so why was the plate hot?

On the positive side, the salsas were both VERY VERY GOOD.  Unfortunately, the chips have so much extra salt on them that they were inedible.   We asked if we could get chips without extra salt and were told no.  “that’s how they come, sorry.”  So there goes that.

It’s a good thirty minutes until the burgers arrive.   We are both pretty tired of our “experience” here at this point.   I am thinking of just not reviewing this place at all….. but then those burgers arrive.

Despite the server NOT knowing the menu.

Despite the menu being too cutesy for its own good.

Despite having horrible tap water.

Despite having crazy-over-salted chips.

Despite ordering a beer and not getting it.

Despite thinking most of the entire menu is OVER PRICED.

This was one of the BEST burgers I have had in a LONG time.   It was thick and hearty and had great cheese and bacon.  The BBQ sauce was nice and flavorful.

UntitledThe ONION RINGS were also some of the best Onion Rings I have ever had.   They were huge and crunch and the breading was like…three times the thickness of the actual onion.  So filling!!!! It was also $11, which seemed pricey for a burger and onion rings.

My friend’s Basic Burger looked and was just as delicious.   They loved it.  They don’t know if it was worth $7.50…but they enjoyed it.

They did NOT…however…like the generic frozen fries.  Weird.  Why would you go to all the trouble to do all these fresh and homemade items and then skimp on the fries???

Was all the drama worth this ???

Well…. Slow down.   We asked for flatware and napkins and had to wait five minutes as she went and rolled us each a single fork in a napkin.   When asked if we could have knifes to cut these massive burgers…she responded… “sorry we are out of knives right now”.

Ohhhhhkay…   So we make our own way through this grub.  Loving it.

Then I notice something at the table next to us TWO minutes later.  A lady takes a drink of her water and says it is disgusting and orders a tea instead.    She also asks for a knife….and gets one.   We both have the same server.   So that pretty much ends the adventure.

After paying the tab we are in the parking lot on the way to our cars.  Both of us are suddenly hit by the fact that we are both so full that we need naps.  Like immediately.  I felt pretty sluggish all afternoon after that feast….so be warned not to chow down like I did.

I take one last look back and notice the “NOW OPEN” banner outside.   Maybe they have only been open for a few days/weeks and are still working the bugs out.   I hope so.  Those were some great burgers…but the experience with that particular server is enough alone to make me skittish about ever going back.  Despite the kick-ass food.  To be continued…..

Your mileage may vary.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern

31 Dec

Eno's Pizza TavernSo I am in “The Bish” (The Bishop Arts District) and I am waiting on friends to arrive so we can have some drinks and dinner.    I haven’t been in The Bish (proper) in over a year.   I have this love-hate relationship with the area.    It’s eclectic and fun and sexy and off-beat…..but some of it is also so-very trendy and over-priced-and-hyped…for the last couple of years.

Regardless, when I am there I always enjoy myself and actually love it– despite the hipsters and other drama I have to deal with.

Okay— so… I am in The Bish…and walking around I decide I am across the street from Eno’s Pizza Tavern – so that should be our place to meet and eat.   I had been there before and enjoyed it quite a bit then.

I pop-in and am immediately greeted by a guy that tells me that their menu is limited because their pizza oven is broken.

Okay that sucks.    I walk to the bar and sit down.  Order a drink.   Friends are popping in, one-by-one and all have drinks as we decide if we are staying for the paired-down menu or going somewhere else.

We are all but decided to stay, when the bartender walks over and asks how things are.

“Oh, I think we are cool for right now.”   (all parties are still looking at the menu for available items)

“Oh…okay…great”  He responds.

He then promptly walks away and returns a couple of minutes later with our tab in this little red booklet.

As you can see from the picture – I am half-way through my beer and that cute little red booklet is staring me in the face.  There are six of us now and you tab us out????  Without us asking for it????

In absolutely NO mood for drama, I promptly paid for the six drinks and considered the math:

six drinks…(38ish) …..VS…. six people having several drinks (maybe closer to 114ish) ….along with six dinners (another 60)….and maybe a dessert or two (another 12 maybe…so …maybe a tab close to or over $200 before tax and tip….???) = a loss for Eno’s in both money and interest in returning at a later date by any of the people in this group.

We don’t even bother correcting the bartender.   If you are so eager to just turn and burn tabs…then we will just politely tab-out and seek our food and beverages elsewhere.






EL CHICO Secret Menu

10 Nov

A funny thing happened on the way to my table at El Chico.

I had been craving some tex-mex  all day but when I sat down …all I could think about was I wanted somethin’ BEEFY!!!!!  Like a steak or something.

I mention this to the server and she tells me they have sandwiches and burgers that aren’t normally advertised.

Bingo!    I ended up ordering a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and it was pretty damn tasty!   I mean like, seriously…this will make it difficult to order something else next time because I know they make a solid burger.  Now the secret is out.   Order one and I bet you like it.

Olivella’s Pizza – Dallas

30 Sep

I continue making the rounds of all things Neapolitan-style pizza with Olivella’s.

Look at that pie.  Yum.  Olivella’s was voted best pizza in Texas by USA Today, so it’s gotta be kinda good, right?

And it is.   A super-thin crust that is both tender and chewy and somehow manages to stay sturdy enough to hold those toppings.    Sauce and cheese have a nice balance and there is little-to-no grease dripping everywhere – even with all that pepperoni.

This is another “20 dollar pie joint” that I figured would be overpriced and super-bland.  I am happy that wasn’t the case.    The atmosphere of this location was warm and tables were full of people sharing wine and ‘za…and just enjoying the evening.   Nice place.  Would bring a group with me next time and eat in-house for certain.  Very casual and laid back.  Liking that.

They also do so much more than just pizza and some of the dishes are already on my “next-time” list.  Dallas has no shortage of fantastic pizza but it’s so good at Olivella’s you need to make a point of checking it out soon!


6465 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 525
(NE Corner Of Mockingbird & Abrams)
Dallas, TX 75214




Burger King Cheese Stix

9 Sep

I have never been a big fan of fried cheese-sticks, but after having some pretty decent ones at Sonic the other day, I noticed that Burger King also sells them…so why not give them a try?

Turns out, they are not bad either.   I had to wait for them to be made fresh – which for me isn’t a big deal – I like fresh-from-the-fryer stuff.

It was a three-piece and a side of sauce.   The coating on the outside was crisp and a bit of a crunch.  Tender and stringy cheese inside keeping me interested as I dipped into a pretty decent marinara.   I think it was 1.99 – so not too shabby for a quick snack.

Maybe I do like cheese-sticks and just didn’t know it?

TGIFriday’s $10 Endless Appetizers

4 Aug

The plan was simple.   Me and a few friends were going to…




When I first saw the ad for $10 endless appetizers I was like “oh yeah….you just made the baaaaaaad move, buddy.”

Most of the offerings I could totally care less about (endless fried green-beans?….uh no…plate after plate of mozz sticks….boring)

but endless…boneless…buffalo wings?

So I enlisted a couple of friends and we walked in determined to bankrupt the company…or at least empty the inventory so fast that they ask us to leave.  With extreme prejudice.

One person ordered potato skins…another ordered wings…and I had the wings as well.  I ordered the “SCORCHIN'” sauce because..hey….it’s me….that’s how I do.

My server was super friendly and slightly honest when I heard them say “I can’t wait for this promotion to be over!”  They were joking…sorta…but the quick stories that followed were all about tables and tables of people pounding down plates of appetizers like packs of starving wild dogs.

“Well…we are here to do that as well!!!!”   I wanted to make it clear we were just like the other sheep.    CHEAP EATS!!! CHEAP EATS!!!!

The plate of  ten arrive and they are remarkably hotter  than anything I remember Friday’s offering. has been awhile since I went there…but these were kinda hot…. even for me.

And… by the end of ten I was actually kinda full.  The boneless wings all varied in size but I did manage to get a few that were pretty large.

Had my stomach shrunk?   Was I gonna go out like a punk?   NO WAY I was leaving after one plate.

I downshift to the less hot version…thinking that was my mistake.   Too extreme too much too fast.

My second plate arrives and they are WIMPY compared to the first batch.   I can’t taste any heat…just butter in the sauce.    I am thinking I should go back to the SCORCHIN’….when I noticed everyone else at the table have pushed their plates to the side.

“wow…I am full……”  from the boneless winger sitting across from me….all ready to punk out.

“these ‘tater skins taste kinda…weird…”    says potato-skin-girl…..who swore she was gonna do some serious damage…but after inspection I did notice that Friday’s has changed their potato skins….they now have some sort of breading…like onion ring breading…covering the inside of the it’s battered on one side…fried …and then the cheese and bacon are added…it seems.    Looked kinda gross.  She ate four and was done.

Both were now sitting there waiting on the idiot that was me… forcing these down….just to make it to twenty.

I curse my big breakfast…or at least try to blame it on something…..I was so sure I was up for this.

Gotta regroup and try to climb that mountain before the promo ends…..I have been known to knock-out about 40 wings when I really get going…so this was just an utter car-crash of disappointment.

sure was fun trying though.   Food was hot and fresh and tasted better than I remember Friday’s…so maybe they got a hook in me to return sometime soon.




18 Jun

These are SO clever…and “duh” so simple I can’t believe nobody thought of it yet.  Hell…I can’t believe “I” didn’t come up with it yet.  I am almost mad at myself.

Last night at the SEV (7/11) they had a massive promotion going on from 5p-9p.   They were giving out FREE four packs of DORITOS LOADED.

Now, what this is…is…warm triangle shaped pieces of nacho cheese….breaded with Doritos flavored breadcrumbs.

Think “fried cheesestix” you get at a restaurant ….only full-on…Doritos flavor.



They will be exclusive to 7/11 stores and was test marketed back in Feb.    Not sure why they decided to do a promo …they technically aren’t scheduled for release until July 1st…but who cares.  This location on Maple in Dallas was packed.

They are….indulgent.   The cheese is thick, creamy, and did I mention thick?   These were straight from the oven so they were very hot and a little crispy on the outside.    When they are released you will find them by the Big Bite Hot Dogs and other hot food items in the store.  They come four to a package.

I think your love of these will depend on your love of DORITOS….or big-mouth-bites of nacho cheese.

All my tasters loved’em.   I could see these being SUPER-HUGE at a ballgame or something if they offered them there.

It’s a good time to be a Doritos fan these days.


The Nodding Donkey Kitchen – SMU

12 Feb

“Wait.  Your stupid phone is dropping out.   Where?  Hello????”

“The wha???     The Naughty Honky??”

I am driving on 75 near SMU looking for some place called the Naughty Honky to meet some friends.   I have no idea where or what it is…but with a name like NAUGHTY HONKY, it’s gotta be damn awesome strip club or something.   I am expecting Gilley’s- complete with mechanical bull.     Then I have to remind myself this is near SMU—-so it can’t be too wild.   Hell it might be a frat-boy bar….the total opposite of cool…..douche-bag-city…so I am fully confused.    My phone rings again………

“Huh???……OH….the NODDING DONKEY…..”  gotcha.   Now at least Google Maps can help me find the joint.  It kept telling me “no results for Naughty Honky”….. but did suggest some other strip clubs if I was curious.

I gotta admit, the decor of the joint was exactly how I pictured it.  Lots of dark wood and TVs.   Great vibe and totally not as douche-y as I was expecting.  Servers/bartenders were all cool and super-friendly.   Good crowd mix too.  Lots of big tables full of friends just chillin’.

We order the chicken strips (above…duh) which were excellent and came with a buffalo-type sauce that had some great heat to it.   Very nice sized portion too.   These went pretty fast.

Then we were absolutely bowled over by the GIANT that was the STACKED-UP NACHOS.   They didn’t last long either.  Super-fresh-tasting mammoth of a dish.

Every nearby table seemed to be ordering pizzas – which did look good as well— but we were quite stuffed after these and a few pints.   So we have another reason to visit again in the future.

Over all this is a great place.   Parking is a bit of a chore, but The Nodding Donkey has a great neighborhood-pub feel to it.    It’s totally worth your time and money to support a cool place like this.


23 Dec

Black Dog Pizza is in the old Dueling Piano bar next to the IMPROV in the (sigh..) “Highlands” of Arlington.   It still has an obvious link to the Improv and has kind of a jazz-bar-with-some-TVs-if-we-need-to-be-a-sporty-joint vibe.   I like the layout of the place.  Great layout for a small/acoustic music venue.  From their website, they don’t even mention having the venue…so this is a missed opportunity methinks.

I try the pizza and I am encouraged by the looks of what I got.   Unfortunately looks are deceiving.  The pepperoni was mild and generic.   The beef was tender and great texture – but no seasoning.   The sauce was non-existant but the cheese was rich and tasty.   The crust was awesome.  At first.   Tender with some crisp/crunch underneath but it that crust quickly got hard and dried-out as the minutes went by.

The waitress told me at the start her favorite was the meatball sub, so perhaps I should have listened.  Live and learn and all that.     Now I have a reason to go back as I am ever-searching for the best meatball sub on the planet.

Mellow Mushroom

2 Dec

Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom!!!!  It’s all I have heard for a solid month.  How AWESOME it is.    So I finally had to try it for myself.

I got a “Meatball Trio” appetizer and a regular pizza to try out.   The design of the place is cool.  Mellow with various lava-lamps about and some nice color and decor.

The meatballs were actually VERY good.  Nice and rich sauce, juicy meatballs, some shaved cheese melting all over….with some  breadcrumbs and basil.   I was full just on these alone.    Great starter.  I am feeling  good about this place.

AND….The pizza fumbles the ball and loses the game.  The crust of this pizza has EXCELLENT flavor….and is remarkably UNDER-cooked.   Doughy and soggy in some spots.  The cheese is melty and gooey and perfect.  The sauce and toppings are bland and empty.    So it’s a total mis-match and disappointing.    Mellow indeed.

I think I burnt the clutch in my tastebuds as I grinded gears from loving this place to shock-n-awe at how different two dishes can be from the same joint.