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14 Aug

UntitledThe full name of this sammich is the “Sweet BBQ Bacon Buttermilk Crispy Chicken” sammich.   That is one hell of a name.  I shortened it to …..

“Uh…can I get that BBQ chicken-wing-ding sammich?”

“Sorry…what you say?”

“Uh… can I get the crispy bacon with chicken BBQ sammich?”

“uhhhhh yeah…….sure.”

SHADDUP already and tell me how it tastes funny-jerk!

Okay, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but this is the BEST thing I have ever eaten at a Mickey D’s.    Yeah.  I said it.

You know I am not that big of fan of their food anymore – but this sammich has all the flavor and textures and just all-around-indulgence that you want from a fast food place.

I loved this damn sammich and I am not afraid to admit it!






13 Oct

UntitledWhoa…whoa…whoa….bacon (maple) Pop Tarts????? wha??????


Let me know what you think about these on twitter



#1fan review:  QT BREAKFAST PIZZA

28 Sep

UntitledWe got fans.  Several handfuls of fans even.   Our number one fan is a guy we call “Babba Ganoush”.    He reads and emails us a lot about food here in the DFW.   We find him pretty funny.    He sent in a review of his own so here it is….

Ok JFC fans, it’s breakfast time! What’dya want? Sausage gravy and biscuits? Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon? How about… All of it. QT is a staple for the JFC crew and their breakfast pizza ain’t no light lunch. Roll those biscuits out, use the gravy for a sauce and top it with sausage, bacon and cheese.
This isn’t for those that never liked their peas and mashed taters touching on the plate, but the QT kitchen makes them all blend really well. If it’s after 6AM and before the regular pizza comes out the oven– look for these breakfast monsters.


10 Aug

UntitledI told you a few years ago that…as fast food made a dent in dine-in restaurants…..convenience stores would eventually step up their game and make a dent into fast food joints.

That time, my friends, is upon us.    Take this dog for example.   A BACON wrapped dog is something you would expect from maybe Sonic’s summertime menu?  But no…it actually comes from  The Sev…. (7-11….do I have to keep explaining it by now??)

The SEV ain’t just getting fancy with a bacon-dog.   They are getting smart by coming up with new and fun items to get you in the door and out of the drive-thru.

It’s a killer idea and who in this crazy world doesn’t like BACON?  Hello… bacon dog.   Now get in my belly!!!!


2 Mar

Untitledok, wow.  This is seriously THE best burger I have ever had from Jack in the Box.

I have, in the past, sang the praises of the Jack’s Ultimate Cheeseburger.

But this?  This knocks that off the block.   This is a seriously well-crafted culinary creation.    It’s the kind of burger you would probably spend EIGHT BUCKS for at some Gastro-pub.

It’s an all-new 1/4lb patty with some sexy garlic butter sauce on top.  Add to that swiss cheese, some bacon-mayo, and some added bacon for extra….bacon-y goodness.   Slide that monster on an ultra-soft-artisan-bun and you have an instant classic.

I hope hope HOPE that this isn’t some limited-time thing.  I want this as my new go-to move whenever I roll up on a Jack-in-the-box.  Oh yeah…


30 Jan

UntitledOh Starbucks.  Home to coffee lovers and laptop-squatters everywhere. Honestly it has probably been close to two years since I have been to a Starbucks. I don’t fancy coffee so there has never been much reason for me to go. Until now.

Meeting a friend for breakfast and they suggested Starbucks because they know my love for Gouda cheese.  Trusting their instincts I reluctantly agreed and was generously rewarded.

This Bacon and Gouda Breakfast sammich was pretty killer.   The texture and creamy taste of the gouda, egg, bacon, and cheese on that artisan roll was elegant and filling.  I think it was something like $3.59, so it’s pretty reasonable on the pocketbook.   This might just be my new favorite breakfast sammich.   Sorry Mickey D’s.

QT Bacon Egg and Cheese Kolache

15 Dec

QT Bacon Cheese and Egg KolacheI am ridiculously picky when it comes to breakfast.   I can’t stand many fast food choices.   They all involve egg and those eggs rarely taste like eggs for some reason.

But QT (or QuikTrip if you prefer) have been knocking it out of the park lately with their offerings in the newly remodeled QT locations.

Called QT Kitchens, they offer sammiches and pizza and breakfast items.

On my way out-of-town I stopped for gas and the photo of this kolache was too seductive.   So I went inside and a couple of minutes later I got what you see to the left.    The pic might be misleading because it looks huge.  It’s actually the size of your palm.   But it’s just enough of to get your morning wheels spinning.

Not sure why, but the bacon is on the outside of this sammich.  I rather dig that.  So much so, it’s the actual reason I bought it.   I would later discover that these are frozen and cooked in one of those super-convection/confection/microwave-y thingies that can cook, toast, and brown foods in seconds.   So the bacon on top gets cooked extra crispy and the rest is tender.   It’s clever actually because the entire sammich was cooked perfectly.    So alot of science went into this I expect.   Or maybe I am over-reaching.  I just enjoyed it.  Go get you one.

EL CHICO Secret Menu

10 Nov

A funny thing happened on the way to my table at El Chico.

I had been craving some tex-mex  all day but when I sat down …all I could think about was I wanted somethin’ BEEFY!!!!!  Like a steak or something.

I mention this to the server and she tells me they have sandwiches and burgers that aren’t normally advertised.

Bingo!    I ended up ordering a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and it was pretty damn tasty!   I mean like, seriously…this will make it difficult to order something else next time because I know they make a solid burger.  Now the secret is out.   Order one and I bet you like it.

QT Bac’n Shake

4 Sep

I have been delighted with QuikTrip’s conversion to QuikTrip kitchens in the DFW area.  They have all these fresh eats that are pretty good.

This ad….and them even bringing this back…after Jack-in-the-box did it like what…two years ago???  Not so much.

I love bacon.  I love shakes.  I do not love bacon in my shakes.

But I still love you QT.

; )

McDonald’s Egg White Delight

24 Jan

Lord knows, I am hardly ever up before the clown stops serving breakfastes..(yes I said “breakfastes”….keep moving)  so I rarely eat them and barely know what is offered these days.

On this instance I tried the new “Egg White Delight” with bacon.   Wow.  This is a damn good breakfast sammich.   Despite the horrifying picture, it tasted yummy.   English muffin, white cheddar, egg whites, and bacon (is there anything it can’t do?) together to make me less grumpy for being up before 11 am.

When is that clown over there at the golden arches gonna realize everyone loves the breakfastes more than anything else…and start serving it all day like Jack-in-the-box does?