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13 Feb

UntitledBaby, now THIS is what I’m Talking about, yo!!!

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter creme filling!

These things are the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, THE SEV, comes up with something yummy as HELL.   If you love chocolate…if you love peanut butter..if you love them together in cupcake form….this is the sweet treat you have been waiting for!



26 Oct

UntitledOkay, many a night have I got pretty hammered at the Taco Cabana.  I love their food and their Happy Hour Margaritas are a no-frills way to take the edge off.  Those Strawberry margaritas???  Oh yeah….

Well today I see a sign that says MANGO MARGARITA and I am like “Shut up and take my money”!!!!

I love mango.  I love margaritas.  Together?   HOO-GAH!!!

It’s a limited time thing (of course) and I order a few for the table and chillax.  These are good.   Nice and mango-y.  

But…they do have a little on the back-end.   In my mind a good sweet drink like this when you can NOT taste the booze at all.   On the back-end here I taste alcohol.  It’s strong and bitter.   Like a well tequila was used for this.   Which is fine, I mean it was less than two bucks so what do you expect?  Good…but not as good as the strawberry ones they normally have. 


14 Oct

UntitledI have said this quite often…..while wondering around places like Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and the like.   Shasta is a damn fine soda pop.  It’s also INSANELY cheap for what you get.   Shown here are four packs for ONE DOLLAR!  CRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYY!!!!!   I also challenge you to find a flavor of Shasta that IS NOT AWESOME…because they are all bursting with flavor…especially the Root Beer, Strawberry, and my fave…. TIKI PUNCH!!!!!


10 Oct

UntitledKeep an eye out, snack fans.   Hostess is looking to make Halloween special with new versions of your old favorites.

Those Glo Balls look cool…scary cakes…eh… but those twinkies….look kinda  gross…..or is it just me?


26 Sep

UntitledOh….my….lord…are these instantly addictive.   WOO!!

It’s such a deceptively simple idea.  Frozen banana slices in dark chocolate with some almond pieces on top.   Four slices to a bag.  These frozen bites are sooooo good.   Banana and dark chocolate are a fantastic flavor blend as it is, but those almonds really do kick it up a bit.  My new favorite snack!!


31 Aug

UntitledTiny Toast.   These represent everything cool about cereal.  It’s a super-simple concept, has a fun shape, is easily recognizable, and has fruit flavor….all the hallmarks of a legendary cereal in the making.   I loved the hell out of both of these.  They are highly snackable (both in and out of a bowl of milk) and they have nice little burst of fruit flavor.   I especially dug the Blueberry.  Slightly reminded me of my beloved BooBerry cereal…which is only available during…..booyah.

From what I read, cereal is on the decline. Kids are eating healthier (probably not by choice) so the “kiddie” cereals we all grew up with might fade away one day.  I hope not.  The whole concept of Tiny Toast is a callback to a simpler time.  When all you needed was a bowl of cereal and a four-hour cartoon block of Tom and Jerry to be happy.


23 Aug

UntitledI am so damn late to the posting this.  I don’t know what happened.  I guess I lost the photo or got drunk.  It could happen.

Anyway these Panko (panko is a Japanese breadcrumb that makes things crunchier than normal breadcrumbs) Onion Rings are the BOMB. They may be my favorite thing Jack makes nowadays.  They are so thick and crunchy/crispy.   Sooooooo good.  If you love onion rings, these are your new mistress.