25 May

UntitledI direct your attention to the photo to the left.   Man…oh…man…look at that chicken sammich.

So thick.  So Crispy.   So tempting.

And look at that deal too….  Sammich….wedges…drink…AND A COOKIE??? For FIVE BUCKS??   That’s a solid deal.

I love it.

It’s one of those “scratch-your-head” moments because let’s face it…..KFC is KNOWN for chicken.  It’s like….their thing…yes?

But slowly and steadily….Chick-fil-a has crept-up and taken the title.    Even McDonald’s offers a pretty decent chicken sammich…..as does Wendy’s….so in my mind … KFC isn’t even FOURTH on my list of top places to get a proper chicken sammich.

(editor’s note:  please stop saying “sammich”  the correct term is SANDWICH)

I will not.

Anyway…I guess KFC got tired of being last in the race…and decided to step their game up.   Sitting in the drive-thru…I was so jazzed about this sammich.   Will this be my new go-to move?

Well…. a funny thing happened on the way out of the drive-thru.   Evidently an ELEPHANT hit my car and was SO fast that I didn’t even see it.   No damage to my ride…but I did notice that said Elephant managed to step all over my sammich.

UntitledI now direct your attention to the photo to the right.

As you can see, it’s about a THIRD the thickness of the one in the photo.

Now the weird thing is, I have seen other websites review this same thing and the one they got was thick and juicy looking.   Looks just like the pic on the menu.

I guess I had bad luck.    Even putting some hot sauce on it didn’t help my disappointment.    Oh boy…Colonel….it’s back to the minors for you, kind sir.

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