18 May

UntitledImagine you as a kid.  Spending the night at your best friend’s house.  Your plan is to stay up all night playing video games and eating pizza.   Come the morning…you want cereal….you want your beloved FRUIT LOOPS…..ya know?

Then your BF’s mom drops off the bowls…of FRUITY HOOPS.

Now, the kid in me back then…would have shouted– WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE????   And probably refused to eat them.

BUT now…I’m more refined….and have an elevated taste for the finer things….    : )

That being said – the reality is that the NAME brands….AREN”T always the BEST product anymore.    These private and independent brands have really stepped-up their game and created products that rival and often BEAT the name you know.

Give them a chance…that’s all I am saying.   You might discover a true classic.

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