31 Jan

UntitledColonel Sanders has never been so busy.  Between making those annoying commercials (and KFC knows they are annoying…they think it’s funny…which I think is funny) and rolling out new snacks, that man is gettin’ too old for this $#!+

KFC Georgia Gold BBQ is a honey mustard based sauce that KFC rolled out last Friday night.   I had pretty good timing on this visit – my chicken and biscuit were all rolling out hot and fresh.   The chicken tenders are their standard version – but these were probably the best I ever had since they were ultra-fresh.  Super tender inside and crispy outside.

The Georgia Gold sauce (you can see a slight gold hue to the chicken above) gave it a nice mild kick.  Good flavors.   A little more mild than I was expecting.   I was/am a big fan of KFC’s Nashville HOT chicken..so this is just a step back..in terms of boldness.  Which is fine…and it’s good…but it sorta makes me think they should have released this one first and then the hotter style later.

For sure worth trying.  It just might be your new favorite thing from that crazy colonel.

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