2 Sep


For as long as I can remember, I have heard people all over the DFW sing the praises of Chicken Express. The fries, the chicken, the rolls…oh the rolls…and the sweet tea.   It is an orgy of deliciousness and it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have lived here this long and NEVER had it.

Well, fans and friends, I have not had it and it’s —-well—- I found it kinda “meh”. I had your basic chicken strip box.  The fries were pretty generic and greasy.  The chicken wasn’t very flavorful and the breading kept falling off.   The ROLLS???  HOLY JESUS them some good rolls!!!!  I would return just for a box of rolls!!!!!!    The sweet tea is pretty damn tasty too but it’s not a place I would have on my go-to list.   It’s just kinda generic.   Tell me what I am missing in the comments below.  Did I order the wrong thing?



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