26 Aug

UntitledWell it seems this has been happening for years.  The slow demise of a cool grocery store.  The one-time favorite local and family owned chain has been sold off to FIESTA.  So all remaining Minyards will convert to the FIESTA format in the upcoming weeks.

This story is of no interest to many of my readers I would wager.   They don’t know the rich history of the company.   They only know “Minyard” as that old-ass-busted-run-down-store my grandma loves.   Well she loved it for a reason.   It was family owned.  It wasn’t fussy or pretentious.  They sold things for decent prices and were known for their bakery and pharmacy.   They were one of the first markets to offer things like fresh squeezed orange juice made daily in-store and other convenient items.  It wasn’t fancy or slick or something that tried to be everything to everyone.  It was a simple market.

Over the years that thinking somehow became “dated” and the Walmart effect all but destroyed local businesses.   Take a look around your neighborhood these days.   Chains and corporate clone stores are everywhere.  Gone are the mom and pop shops. Nobody cares but that is an important part of local culture.  Most would argue that this is just progress and only the strong survive.   But I think losing these pieces of our past makes our future boring and less interesting.    Sad.


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