18 Aug

UntitledThe much ballyhooed return of CRYSTAL PEPSI.   I was kinda excited about the return…not because I was a fan or I liked the soda.  I just love the move by Pepsi.  It’s gutsy and bold.  It’s a product that got made fun of for YEARS after it’s disappointing debut all those years ago.  Despite all that there are legions of fans that loved it and Pepsi is cool as hell for bringing it back for the fans.

I have said FOREVER that Coke should bring back NEW COKE because it’s in our pop culture and would be an instant hit and bold marketing move.   But I digress….

The Crystal Pepsi looks and tastes just like I remember it.   To me it was kinda like Pepsi but kinda citrus Sprite-like to me as well.  It was a unique flavor that I wasn’t nuts about but I was impressed and still respect the move by gang at Pepsi.  I hope this time around it does well for them.

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