8 Aug

UntitledI can’t lie here… I bought this only because I though the picture and name looked/sounded cool.  Not the Tombstone part….the Roadhouse part.   Roadhouse pizza just sounds rustic and tavern-y and good.  Like the kind of unique pie I would find and adore in a local hole-in-the-wall-bar that nobody knows about.

Twenty minutes or so later this thing came out looking almost just like the picture…and the taste was pretty damn awesome.

There was many pepperonis on here and they were very nice to me.   A slight spicy bite and burnt edges. Yum.  The cheese was gooey and stringy and melty.   Good flavor here too.   The Sauce was the best sauce I have ever had on a Tombstone pizza.  I don’t know if it is new or just never noticed it before.  It was perfect……and all of this was almost wrecked by a pretty bland-hard-disc-of-a-thawed-out-freezer-burn-type-crust.

This is why I never buy Tombstones.  I don’t like the crust.   Excellent toppings on a cheap tasting crust.   Frownie Face.





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