5 Aug

UntitledI love CFA.  Love love love it.  One of the things I love about it is their BBQ sauce.  It is tangy and sweet and different than every other ‘cue sauce out there.  Very light and unique…..and now they have discontinued it.

After it being one of their staple flavors ever since I could remember…they have dumped it for a new “Smokehouse BBQ”.

uh…..crap….another key food component of my upbringing is gone away….

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, cry-baby…so how does the NEW sauce taste???

Actually it’s pretty damn awesome!!   It’s an instant favorite and something that would eat on more than just CFA items.  This is the kind of ‘cue sauce I would buy in a bottle if available.  It has all the classic flavors you would expect from a great sauce.

I honestly wish they would have kept both, though.  I have a few original bbq sauces left over that I am now rationing….but when it’s over…I guess I can survive and move forward….but I am gonna miss that pineapple-y..sweet ‘cue of yesterday.





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