DQ…. 2 years later

4 Aug

UntitledSo roughly about two years ago I noticed that new Dairy Queen locations are popping up all around the DFW area.  I am happy for their expansion because….who doesn’t love a good dip cone or blizzard?

BUT…as one reader pointed out, I was a bit harsh on DQ the last time I visited….read that here if interested

So while we were shooting Season Two of JFC Mobile Series, the gang tried all sorts of things….tacos, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak fingers…..and again….the only thing I can recommend from there is the sweet stuff.

I thought in time I would grow to appreciate it but it is just so generic and uninspiring food that I will probably not eat there any more…..except their onion rings….those were some good onion rings!!!!

So I guess if I do like the onion rings, I can feel like a total hypocrite.  Bonus.

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