20 Apr

UntitledBlaze Pizza is one of those build-your-own-assembly-line-pizza places.   The staff at the Arlington location were all super-friendly and helpful with new customers.  The pies were larger than I expected and I think it was around nine bucks which I thought was pretty reasonable considering I had nine toppings.

I have to say that while we (well mostly them…they…) assembled my pie I could not be happier with how all the ingredients looked. Top drawer.  Super-fresh.   I was getting pretty hyped because this would be my new go-to if they tasted half as good as they looked.

In minutes I paid and was given this masterpiece of my own creation.   I could not wait to tear into this like that Ralph from Rampage.* (it’s a classic video game reference…google it…and keep up kids)

Lordy….Lordy….these toppings…the cheese…the sauce…it’s all so very good. But there is something amiss.   The crust is clearly the weakest link here.  It has a texture of a premade crust and it didn’t rise or change at all during the cooking process.   I was there 45 minutes before they were to close so maybe I just got an older crust or something?    It was just slightly off and torpedoed an otherwise perfect pie.

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