1 Dec

UntitledThe TRUE LEMON brand of products keeps impressing me.   I love their Lemonade.  It’s light and upgrades a normal bottle of water to kick-ass status.

So when I saw this new “Summer Berry Medley” under their Fruit Orchard line I was pretty stoked.

These are sweeter and double the amount of powder from the normal True Lemon products.  This threw me at first because I didn’t think all that needed to go into one bottle.  I thought these for for quart-sized bottles or something.   But no, it’s right as rain because they pack alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll–kinds of flavor into these.

I felt like I was drinking a bottle of super-good-Kool-aid or something.   It’s that damn tasty……without having to clean-up after the Kool-Aid man smashing through my wall for the 1000th time (my insurance company loves me).

This stuff is the bomb!!!



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