10 Nov


Okay SONIC has come out — guns blazin’ — with a whole new line of boneless wings with several new flavors.  Today we take on the Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo. As you see here to the left, these are packaged in their hot dog containers.  Which is kinda strange at first but it is a pretty smart vessel to deliver these things.  Saves Sonic the trouble and cash of buying some kind of new container just for this limited-time item. Smart, that. The pieces (at least in the orders I got) weren’t tiny chicken nuggets.  These are pretty nice sized pieces and the current special of BOGO on Mondays means they are cheap too!   Two orders of six for around 4 bucks.   Nice.     The Garlic Parmesan (above left) has some good flavor to them.   Nice and herb-y and garlicky.  It does sorta remind me of a thicker Italian salad dressing type flavor to it.  Not really a bad thing.  Just an observation.   I gobbled these up quick


Next up was the basic Buffalo.  This was decent but the butter/cayenne flavor seemed a bit off.  Too much butter and not enough heat.   These were pretty pedestrian.   Of the two choices I would for sure have the Garlic Parmesan again but probably not the regular Buffalo.

stay tuned….more flavor reviews coming up!

Have you tried them?  If so tell me about it in the comments section below.

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