16 Sep


Now of course I could never give up my SUPER-BLUE Powerade (which I love) but this flavor is a true contender. I love anything mango and this has some nice flavor to it. It’s one of the more flavorful powrades in fact.  Most of them I don’t much care for except the blue one.

And by lucky accident I had half a bottle of the mango and have a bottle of the blue so I mixed them……

…..oh dear….

sweet baby jesus….. ..

..what did I do?………

UntitledI created the GREEN MACHINE!!!!!  This blend is SO damn awesome I can’t even figure out a word to describe what I mean when I say the word “awesome”.   So go google a synonym for “awesome” and insert it here ________________.  Because that is what the hell this is!!!.

That super cool blue and it’s berry-licious…mixed with the mango…..WOO!!!!

GREEN MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and just remember who created this monster!!!!  That’s right.  Your friends here at the JFC.

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