13 Aug

UntitledKids, what you are looking at right there is a masterpiece.  It’s a “suicide” Daiquiri and them  thangs are just about wonderful.   It’s The Daiquiri Shoppe in Grand Prairie.

The whole concept of the place is nice and simple.  They sell you plastic jugs of different sizes…filled with frozen mixed drinks.   They also have a pretty tasty menu (we had the chicken wings and catfish and both were quickly gobbled up by the JFC crew) so you really can’t go wrong with anything in the joint.

These guys are transplants from The Big Easy and judging by the crowds they get at night…they are kicking ass.

You are welcome to drink your “jug” there or I noticed several people getting the big jugs to take home.  Lids are strictly enforced so folks will not walking out of there with an open containers.   That’s a good thing.

The staff is fast, friendly, and helpful when you need it with drink selections.    It’s a laid back joint with a casual vibe.  I dig it.   You know I love to support local business and this one is worth your time and money.   Speaking of money, just so you know, there is a minimum charge of 10 bucks if you are going to use credit/debit cards.   So…here….cash is king.   Just saying.   But their stuff is so good, spending 10 bucks will not be hard to do.

I was almost SHOCKED to see a place like this in GP because that town is usually SO conservative.   Almost stuffy.  Kinda like the town from Footloose where nobody could dance.  I am glad to see GP loosen up a little.

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