3 Aug

UntitledHoly Smokes, this is still around!!!!!   I haven’t seen Alpha Bits in years.   I had totally forgot about it until I stumbled across it at Minyard.   Ohhhhh trusty Minyard.   Always having the right thing at the right time.

Now the flavor and shapes look and taste exactly as I remember it. Sweet with a good and solid crunch for a good little while.  All the things kids love about fun cereals.

What I didn’t remember…and still have no idea…is what in the bloody blue hell is this SUPER WHY character is on my cereal.   I mean what does he have to do with this?

He has a book on his chest as a logo?   Is this to encourage me to read?   Instead of Super Why maybe they should have called him “What’s a Book??”  because kids today are not into reading.

Still a damn fine cereal  though.   One that obviously has very little in the way of budget because everyone should know it’s still around and a classic.

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