14 Jul

UntitledOne dollar, I say.   I don’t eat often at Mickey D’s these days (no chicken bites…no chicken selects….no me showing up) but I was actually there to try a different item (see what I did there – I teased you so you have to come back and see what the other product is later this week)

and I realized I don’t think I have ever had a “mcchicken”.   Now dear friends you know I loves me some chicken, so to think I haven’t tried this before and…

(note- you have tried it — the spicy version anyway- and reviewed it two separate times because you are so goofy you forgot you already reviewed it the first time- hint:  you kinda liked it – both times–you are welcome –sincerely–JFC research staff)

so uh… yeah.   Anyway I ordered this sans mayo and mountain of lettuce and it’s a decent snack…this is all sounding familiar now.   Anyway it’s a buck and it tastes better than the burger of the same size.   So try it.  Or don’t.   Chances are I will forget I wrote this review in a few weeks anyway and will review it again in six months so stay tuned!

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