7 Jul

UntitledWho in the bloody blue hell doesn’t love chicken and waffles?   Now granted many of you haven’t had the ultimate and original from Roscoe’s but there are plenty of places that have since came up with their own versions to honor and pay homage to the classic.

Church’s has mixed their chicken tenders with some “waffle bites” and the results are mixed.   The chicken was super-dry and not very fresh.

The “waffle bites” on the other hand were light and crispy around the edges and soft and  tender in the middle.

It’s not until later that I would learn that these apparently come with some sort of maple sauce – I didn’t get any sauce with these – just an order of fries.  So maybe I am missing a vital component in this version.   The bites are something I would eat again but the chicken was pretty “meh”.

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