23 Jun

UntitledSo with every summer you can expect a new summer-inspired cocktail or adult beverage to hit the shelves.  This year Bud Light rolls out its MIXX TAIL brand with a Long Island Iced Tea flavored beverage.  With 8% alcohol content, these aren’t ya mamas wine coolers.   These have a bit of a punch.

Being a fan of the LIIT, I was super curious.   The drink itself has an orange hue to it and has some nice flavor but it did not remind me of a LIIT.  It just tasted like a slightly citrus-y mixed drink.

Don’t get me wrong, the sample case we had disappeared in a heartbeat but we are all heavy-drinkers.  ha.  I don’t drink many (none) Bud Light products but I know alot of people who do.  So if I showed up to a party and found these in their cooler I would at least have something pretty decent to drink….before I did the cannonball and got that party started!

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