11 Jun

UntitledIf you are like me ( and why would you not be…?) you love you some Skittles.

You have tasted the rainbow so many times you have lost count.

Seeing new bags with new flavors or flavor mash-ups gets you pumped.

Today we are fighting over this bag of “Orchards” Skittles.   The flavors are:


And they are awesome.   Okay one small issue – the cherry and apple look pretty close in color so it’s easy to get those mixed up if you are looking to intentionally pick out flavors.

But by the handful they have this very nice blend of easy and soft flavors and then you get these little hits of peach or lime that are somewhat stronger.   The peach ones are the easy favorite around here.   Not certain if they are a limited time thing so grab them while you can.

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