8 Jun

Tallywackers crab dipFULL DISCLOSURE – Okay so just to be clear.   I have absolutely NO issue at all with the Tallywackers idea, concept, or anything.   I had full intentions of visiting the joint when the hype died down.   I was told by a few people, that the menu was going to be solid and worth trying – regardless of the name, theme, or whatever.   If you have great food I could care less about who, what, or why the staff is there – as long as they are courteous.  To each his own.   Having said that I received a rather long and passionate email with photos from a longtime JFC fan so I am giving her the opportunity to share her story. This is just her experience after a recent visit.  Take it away “4sure”.

From “4sure”:

Hey JFC gang, don’t know if you are going to review Tallywackers but several girlfriends and myself had a lady’s night out the other night so I thought I would share my experience with you.

tallywackers truffle friesFirst, the place is very crowded.  We had to make reservations just to get in.   I knew this would happen with such hype surrounding the place.  We were completely fine with a little bit of a wait and the reservations thing.  The six of us were seated and our server was very cute.  Unfortunately he didn’t know much about the menu but we wrote that off as the place being new and the kinks being worked out.

We kicked things off with a round of drinks (two girls ordering Blue Moon drafts) the server returns and says they don’t have Blue Moon on draft.   So they order bottles.   Again.  Working out the kinks.

The next thing we notice is there a small stage area that the servers are literally having to jump up on and cross to get around the crowds of people.   I sure hope they don’t do that during a live performance.

Speaking of which, people should know going in that this place has a stage and does live performances.   There will be drag performers and “Show Tune Nights” so if you have issue with that just know now.  This is a bar, restaurant, and entertainment place.   Not just a male “Hooters”.  My girlfriends and I were actually disappointed that we were there on a night that didn’t have a show.  We would have loved it to see the drag show.

We ordered a Spinach and Crab dip for the table and it was pretty forgettable.  The Blue Moon beers arrive and they are WARM.  When asked, our server said the cooler wasn’t “broken” it just wasn’t keeping the beers COLD for some reason.

Tallywackers chip plateHello??  Broken??

We shuffled off the dip and ordered some Truffle Fries.   For the price they were very disappointing.  We finally got our drinks figured out and decided to not order anything else off the menu.

As we were finishing our drinks and snacks we notice the chips in the plates.  This place isn’t open a month and they are serving on chipped plates?

We all wanted to love this place.  It has some great eye-candy but the price you pay for the drinks and food seem a little high.   The service was borderline horrible and the place is just disorganized.  They will need to get things together quick.   That part of Dallas has a reputation of great food, service, and will accept nothing less.  So to survive they will have to step their game up.  We all agreed to come back in a few weeks or months to see if things get ironed out.   I will be sure to let you guys know– 4real.

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