Movie Time Robbery

20 May

UntitledI don’t go to the movies much these days.   But a recent trip reminded me just exactly what I am NOT missing about the theater experience.

While standing in-line at the credit-counter to see if my credit score would allow me to afford a snack…I was encouraged by the amount of new items you can have.   Mixed cocktails (10 bucks..yeesh) pizzas and other stuff I haven’t seen lately.  Haven’t seen and will more than likely never try because the prices are INSANE.

My ticket was 10 bucks.   A water (WATER) and small popcorn cost more than the admission price.   That is just silly.  $20.24 to sit through 20 mins of PRE-PREVIEWS and then another 20 mins of PREVIEWS and then a pretty disappointing flick (Avengers: Age of Ultron…that’s right.  I said it) with a room full of talking-through-the-entire-film-phones-ringing-people-texting-and-checking-facebook-while-the-movie-is-playing….drama.

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