29 Apr

UntitledThere is a little place off I-20 in Arlington in a very nondescript building that I have passed a hundred times.   Mercado Juarez is the name and despite the plain building — the inside is filled with fantastic food and a great atmosphere.

I am so glad I finally got around to trying this place.   I see it is busy several nights a week.   It’s easy to know why once you walk in the joint.

It’s spacious and has several dinner areas and a great little bar area off by itself.  Everyone at each table are chatting up and laughing while chowing-down.   You can just tell everyone is relaxed and having fun in their favorite place.

The food was hot, fresh, filling, and super-tasty.   We had some fajitas and despite that filling us up, once we saw someone at the nearby table having the gorgeous dessert you see….we had to have one.  Yum yum yum.   Good Lord I was so full and happy.

Great food.  Fun Atmosphere.  Friendly staff.   Don’t wait around to try it like I did.  Go for it!

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