CEC Revisited

20 Apr

UntitledIt was way back in 2012 when I talked about the revamped offerings at Chuck E. Cheese.  You can read that old stuff here.

As a kid I loved Chuck’s pizza.  (Yeah yeah yeah…I have heard all my life how much it sucked…but I liked it…so let’s continue)

When they revamped in 2012 I was actually impressed.  It tasted even better than the original….artisan, even.  Admittedly I only tried the pizza because I figured they wouldn’t DARE mess with their kick-ass “Italian Breadsticks”.

Sigh…and of course that means they screwed with the breadsticks.  On my most recent visit I got pizza and the ‘stix.   What I got is up and to the left.   If you are thinking it looks like CRAZY BREAD from Little Caesar’s you are thinking the same thing I was.  They were doughy and not even close to the originals.   I am not happy.

But at least there is the new pizza……

UntitledAnd here we go…I think they have changed their pizza again.   Gone are the slight char-marks and the cheese blend.   The zesty sauce and the pepperoni with a kick.  What I got here was a dry crusted pie.   That almost seemed like a defrosted dough-disk topped with some slightly tomato-y sauce and your basic cheese and pepperoni.   A far cry from the happy-surprise that was the pizza back in 2012.

Will it be another three years before I set foot in a CEC again???

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