16 Apr

UntitledOh, Mama.  How I tried to take everything into consideration.

I chose to oven-bake this pie instead of microwave.   In hopes to ensure an even cook.  Give the crust a chance to breathe and expand.  Not be dull, chewy, or horrible like most microwave pizzas.

I wanted the cheese to get distributed heat so it could gently melt and mix with the sauce and pepperoni to make a nice and tasty blend of ingredients.

I wanted to allow the pepperoni time to release some juices and crisp-up a little under the roasting temperature of a real oven.

UntitledAnd this is what I ended up with.  Mama Celeste, where did it all go wrong?  The cheese is yellow and orange.  My pie looks nothing like the one on the box.   The crust is hard and crunchy.   The sauce is invisible.  The pepperoni is fighting to sort this whole thing out.

I gave you my best mama, but now I gotta let you go.    I had such high hopes.  All my friends to the north told me so many childhood stories of how you came through in a pinch and filled their bellies with yummy pizza goodness back then.

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