CELESTE Original Cheese Pizza for One

30 Mar

UntitledCELESTE, or rather “Mama Celeste” is one of those name brands that have been around forever – but never near me.  Not that I can ever remember that is.

I would hear it mentioned on TV countless times when I lived more North but never actually tried it.   So when I saw these personal pizzas at Walmart I was sold.   I finally get around to try it for myself.

Originally these were called “Mama Celeste” but evidently that is too complicated so they are simply “Celeste” now.  Which sounds like a perfume, not a pizza.   But who am I?

Okay so they had pepperoni and cheese pies available and I scooped them both up.   Today we just working on the original cheese.

UntitledOh mama….this is …uh.   Meh.   The crust is dry and crunchy.   That I actually like.   The sauce tastes like some tomato ketchup.  Just bland.   It’s actually the cheese that I remember most.   Not because it was great but because it was gummy.

There were a couple of times where I had stop mid-bite and wipe my teeth with a napkin because it felt like the cheese was stuck to my teeth like glue.   Weird.

I am hoping that these somehow got a bit defrosted in transit and then re-chilled once at the store or something.  That this is an anomaly.

I am optimistic about the upcoming Pepperoni.

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