QuikTrip Personal Pepperoni Pizza

26 Mar

UntitledThis website has been lucky enough to get a pile of hits when I did the QT pizza slices story awhile back.  So I figured I would update you on the other pizza offering they have.

I loved the slices because they are pretty reasonable (3.25 with tax per slice) for a huge wedge.   So originally I was just thinking I was good.  Why would I need a personal pizza.

Well driving home one night I was absolutely famished.  They didn’t have any slices ready.  I guess the discouragement on my face was obvious because one of the QT people said “If you don’t mind waiting we can get you a personal pizza in just a couple of minutes!”   Okay cool.  They are always so friendly at QT.

I also didn’t know they made these pizzas fresh—- DESPITE THE SIGNS EVERYWHERE IN THE STORE TELLING ME MADE FRESH TO ORDER– I figured it was just a warmed-up frozen pie.   Oh no.  They pulled out a crust, topped it fresh with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

I am at a gas station where they are making me a pizza right there.   Made to order.   Into the turbo oven it goes and in a couple of minutes I have what you see.  I believe it’s an eight or nine-inch pie and it is just as good, and probably exactly the same, as the ingredients used for the slices.    It’s $4.99 plus tax and it’s filling.  Nice little char on the pepperoni, lots of gooey cheese, a nice tomato-tangy sauce and a solid crust.  It’s actually quite good.

So now I have two options and love them both.  I got the slices when I am just in a “snacky” mood and the full-on personal pie when I am wanting a lunch or dinner.

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