16 Mar

UntitledEverybody trying to get over with the pretzel chips now.   These “bowties” are wafer-thin and have a solid crunch to them.  Nice amount of parm/garlic seasoning but I could have used alot more.  I want hard-core flavor and a serious crunch sometimes.   These were good though.  I am not sure why they are bowtie shaped.  I don’t wear ties so I am at a loss.  If it was about making them funny shapes, couldn’t they have made them something more wacky?   Like round or boat shaped?  I mean at least if it was like that when I walked in and asked if the pretzels come in those funny little shapes and the clerk responds “not unless you think round is funny” I could lay down on the floor and giggle my head off.

(if’n that last sentence made you think I am utterly insane please go and rent/buy the movie “Raising Arizona”)

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