12 Mar

Chicken Scratch TendersHey this more like it!  If you read this blog for very long you already know I loves me some chicken.   So when I kept hearing over and over how much “I was gonna dig this place” by friends…well I had to finally check it out for myself.

Chicken Scratch (and the attached bar The Foundry) has style oozing everywhere.  From the beer garden to the stage and surrounding areas built with pallets…it’s just a very well put together idea.   So I am already planning return trips to check this place out when there are some outdoor shows and weather to patio in style.

I didn’t check out The Foundry side.  I was all about the chicken.  I pull into the parking lot (parking in general might be a issue on a busy night) and make my way to the ordering counter.   I got your basic chicken tenders.    What I received was a full plate of thick and juicy tenders.  These were golden brown and cooked perfect.   The breadding has a nice crunch and texture to it.

But there is something I can’t quite tell at first.  I am enjoying these but there is a dryness to them and I finally realize that is must be something in the crust.    I have noticed in the past that when I eat things that have a lot of cumin in it, that spice can dry out or give a slightly chalky taste to things if it is overused.    That is what it tastes like here.  Like maybe they use cumin in the batter and it’s a touch much.

Now obviously having some dipping sauce completely masks or removes that dryness so as I am hardly ever without sauce it was more of a pause in thought than a reason to not order this again.

My only other slight issue was I noticed another person ordered the chicken wings – and it appeared that the pickled celery and blue cheese crumbles that dish comes will was sprinkled ON TOP of the wings instead of being on the side.   The menu doesn’t specify this so that might be a problem for some diners so you might want to ask.

So at first blush, I can say it’s a place with a great vibe and relaxed atmosphere where you can chill and unwind…oh and eat some good food too.

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