6 Mar

Wing Run Lemon Pepper Wings at Mazzio'sAnother road trip and I find myself near Mazzio’s.  I am overjoyed by this because I love their pizza.   In the parking lot I notice a big sign that reads “WING RUN”.   I have no idea what this means.   I am thinking they are just having a special on their wings or something.

Oh no, friends.  This would be a game-changing visit to my beloved Mazzio’s.

You see Mazzio’s (based out of Tulsa OK) has co-branded wings from another Tulsa based biz (WING RUN CAFE) to offer WING RUN WINGS at all Mazzio’s locations.  Oh I was so intrigued.

I decided to try two of their flavors:  Lemon Pepper and SuperSonic.  The lemon pepper wings came out with a beautiful golden-brown color.   I mean look at those on the left.   Those are some good looking wings.  I like mine a little crispy or well-done and these were cooked perfect.  Crispy skin and a delicious lemon-pepper flavoring.   These were awesome.

Mazzio's supersonic wingAnd of course I had to try the hottest ones as well – the SuperSonic.  Oh. My. Damn.   These wings were KILLER!!!!!  That sauce was no-joke.   It was some serious heat and mad flavor.

This might be the best wings I have ever had.  Like, ever.

This visit absolutely blew my mind because Mazzio’s has done something incredible here.  Now only do they make my favorite pizza but now they carry wings that UH-MAY-ZING as well?

My only problem now is when I visit, what do I order?  Wings?  Pizza? Both.

Oh of course BOTH.

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