3 Mar

UntitledOk so I am thinking I am gonna be snowed-in for a few days last week so while procuring provisions from the local grocer I picked up this ready-to-bake cookies from Toll House.

These “Triple Chip” cookies come in a tidy row of 24 little blocks.   You break them off, drop them on a cookie sheet, and bake.

How easy is that?

Freezing outside and the thought of some warm and yummy Toll Houses sounds real good right about now.  And the smell of these things as they were cooking?….double yum.

UntitledAnd then I don’t know what the hell happened but these were a total disaster.  The whole damn batch didn’t spread-out into to the perfectly formed disks on the package.

Followed the instructions and ended up with this mess.

So I guess I will not be buying these anymore.

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