13 Feb

UntitledMarty, fire-up the DeLorean because we are going Back-in-Time!!!

I have decided to start making the rounds to try and find my favorite all-time local DFW Burgers.   So I start my journey with a classic –  Keller’s.

This place has been doing drive-in beer and burgers forever and at Keller’s consistency is king.   The way the food is prepared and served has not changed since…ever …and there is some serious nostalgia that comes with your order.

Eating there I can instantly believe that the burger and rings I had taste exactly the same as they probably did back in the 90’s. 80’s.  70’s.  60’s….and so on.  I love that.

Compared to today’s gourmet burger joints you might mistakenly write this burger off as having too-thin a burger patty or it’s just not as flamboyant as what you are used to.   That’s the point.  It’s a classic.  You are getting the same style burger served the same way it was fifty years ago.

Well I agree the burger patties are thin and I should have ordered a double-cheeseburger but that is beside the point.  The reality is it isn’t just about the food—-the onion rings were kick-ass I must say…it’s about the entire experience.   It’s a step back in time, it’s a dining experience, it’s an old-fashioned-not-anything-like-this-anymore type joint.   The experience speaks volumes and goes nice with a burger and beer.  It’s a simple, stripped-down, and no-frills type joint.   That’s the magic.

The staff have car hops that have been there for decades.  They are friendly and have millions of stories to tell.   If you can’t get into the idea of it you will be disappointed and downplay the food.

You either get it or you don’t.  If you get it, Keller’s is a great place to hang out with friends and do some serious people watching – because there is no shortage of characters at this place.  If you “don’t” get into the spirit of it all you might rather skip Keller’s and go to Jimmy Corporate Burger Depot and get your artisan roll with honey-chipotle mustard and fresh-grass-fed-angus-beef-steak-house-burger.

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